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Halloween Ends Wraps up Filming

Halloween Ends Wraps up Filming


That’s a wrap on Halloween Ends. The upcoming horror sequel from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, which serves as the third installment of the latest reboot trilogy, is set for a theatrical release in October. It follows 2018’s Halloween along with the 2021 sequel Halloween Kills with Halloween Ends, putting a cap on the long-running feud between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

Michael Myers actor James Jude Courtney has taken to Instagram to announce that shooting on the film is complete. With that also comes the end of his run as “The Shape,” as there are no plans at this time to make another sequel. That may or may not mean that Michael doesn’t make it out of Halloween Ends alive, but in any case, Courtney had bid his farewells to the horror franchise while thanking the fans for all of their support with his Instagram post.

“It’s taken a few days for me to process the abject beauty of my experience working on this trilogy, the honor of working with David Gordon Green, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Nelson, Ryan Turek, Emily Gunshor, Andi Matichak, Michael Simmonds and their teams… and every other single magnificently talented department especially Producers, Stunts and SFX! Not to mention the rest of this incredible cast,” Courtney writes. “And every single person who worked so hard to create, for me, what is on many levels the highlight of my career thus far, and more importantly, the distinct bright moment(s) of my life.”

The actor added, “And my friends this, Halloween Ends, is a fitting goodbye for me. My deepest gratitude to all of the fans who have blessed us with your love and support. I can promise you, we did this for you.”

Jamie Lee Curtis has been battling Michael Myers in character as Laurie Strode for over four decades. The feud first began with the original Halloween directed by John Carpenter from 1978. Throughout many different timelines, some of which had already seen Laurie killed, Curtis has consistently come back to battle Michael time and time again. However, this new movie seems to be the end of her run in the role.

“I would say, given what I know about the next movie, I think it will be the last time that I will play her,” Curtis said of the film, per GamesRadar. “And I’m not saying something like, ‘Oh, because I die!’ It’s nothing to do with that. I’m talking about emotionally what they have constructed. I think it will be a spectacular way to end this trilogy.”

Halloween Ends is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on Oct. 14, 2022.