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Halloween Ends to Release on Peacock and in Theaters on the Same Day

Halloween Ends to Release on Peacock and in Theaters on the Same Day


Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in a video today to announce that Halloween Ends will follow the same release strategy as Halloween Kills with the movie being released on Peacock on the same day it arrives in theaters. After playing Laurie Strode for four decades, Curtis will play the character for one last time in the movie, which will deliver an end to the Michael Myers vs Strode story one again under the direction of David Gordon Green.

Halloween Ends is the culmination of the new trilogy that began in 2018 with Halloween, a direct sequel to the events of John Carpenter’s original 1978 movie, and continued last year with Halloween Kills. The new movies essentially created an alternative timeline that disregarded all of the previous Halloween sequels, and formed an alternative timeline in which Michael and Laurie are not related.

In the video, Curtis explained the reason for the release strategy, commenting that the success of the dual release during the Covid pandemic is partly the reason why they have decided to release the movie on Peacock on the same day as it opens in theaters. She said:

“So you all know that I’ve played Laurie Strode for more than four decades and over that time she has been relentlessly stalked by Michael Myers. Well that all comes to an end this Halloween and I’m very proud with our final film, Halloween Ends and how it brings this saga to a fitting conclusion and I cannot wait for people to have the chance to see it. Now last year when we put out Halloween Kills, we were in the thick of the Covid crisis so we made that movie available in theaters and homes at the same time. We discovered that there are people who want to go to the theater and scream their guts out and other people who want to stay at home and scream their guts out. But what we knew is that people watched, and we got great results both in the box office and from streaming. This year we want to make sure that as many people as possible can see Halloween Ends before Halloween, so we decided to give that same gift to the fans again. So starting on October 14th, you can go to the theater to see Laurie and Michael confront each other for the last time, or you can watch it at home on Peacock.”