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Gameplay review of Starburst Slot

Gameplay review of Starburst Slot


Directly from the space, this slot machine seems to be a no time one, a game made to be loved by the regular players and the newbies. Colorful stones and stars from different galaxy compound the scenario of one of the most appreciated slot machines on the market, we are talking about Starburst – follow link to play starburst.

How to play this slot

The set is quite suggestive, we are in the space, surrounded by stars, nebulae and precious stones. The perfect scenario for an intergalactically war.

Rays of lights enlighten the dark to remark all the winning combinations.
There are 5 reels with three rows and a ten paylines, unfortunately not changeable.

The symbols are a mix between the classic ones, like the BAR, the number 7 in red and a series of colorful stones. Among the symbols, there is also a Wild symbol. The BAR is also the most rewarding one.

To complete a winning combo, Player must hit at least three consecutive symbols and the sequence can start from both sides of the screen. Indeed, either combinations start from the first wheel on the left or from the first on the right, the system will award the Player.

This behavior doubles the chances of hitting a win, compensating then the lack of the very little number of paylines.

The stake can be changed just by clicking on the little buttons on the left and on the right of the screen. The range of possible choices goes from 10 pence for the minimum bet, to 100 pounds for the Maxbet. To adjust the stake, Player can increase the value and the number of coins placed for each spin.

On the bottom left side of the screen you can find the button meant to reveal the settings. Player can set, if deemed appropriate, the quick spin and turn the background music off.

The Wild

It is represented by a colorful crystal and can substitute the other symbols in a winning combo. The same icon can appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Wild Full Column

If one or more wild symbols lands on the screen, the chances of hitting a win gets double. Whether they help the Player to complete a winning combo or not, these icons get expanded becoming three times bigger so to cover the entire columns where they landed. If a winning combination gets hit, the system pays the relative value, then, the reels which do not contain this symbol start a second spin, and this can generate totally new wins. Your chances of winning get double.

Final Thoughts

The game is well presented, the graphics is nice and appropriated for the theme, maybe some extra feature could have helped to make everything a bit fizzier. From the playability point of view, the game is incredible, it is smooth, and the animations are extremely beautiful, especially when Player hits the Big Win. Beside this, it works on all the platform and this is a plus on the value.