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The Future of Sunglasses and Backpacks with “Adonis King”

The Future of Sunglasses and Backpacks with “Adonis King”


Born Elijah Harris “Adonis King” is known as a conceptualized designer, a Washington native, in Washington, DC. At an early age, King studied fashion marketing and branding and knew he wanted to create a fashion brand.

His designs are known for breaking boundaries between American pop-culture and Korean-pop culture. In 2007, Adonis King experimented with different materials from fabric stores and designed his first collection of sunglasses. In 2009, the company launched under the name Adonis King Collection. Creating some of the most eclectic eyewear in fashion. Adonis has designed luxury eyewear and backpacks for stars such as Beyonce, Amber Rose, Kelly Osbourne and Shaun Ross. King designs are a lifestyle, that creates a realistic image of how most people want to live. His brand is admired by many celebrities and have been placed on celebrities such as Kris Jenner and featured on, “Keeping Up With The Kardashian”.

Adonis King’s biggest break was when he landed his eyewear on Beyonce during a New York show. Since then, he has received product placements, endorsements, and television deals. His collaborations with designers such as Michael Costello, Marco Marco, and many others has created and endless audience of buyers. Now preparing for his new reality tv show. King is becoming a household name brand. Adonis King Collection is more than an image or trend. It is a lifestyle that targets the everyday customer that values individuality.

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