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The future of gaming and what to look forward to

The future of gaming and what to look forward to


It is a well-known fact that gaming is one of the biggest and most popular types of entertainment today. Days of older people frowning upon those who play video games for fun are (almost) behind us. Some AAA video game titles, like Grand Theft Auto 5, have broken numerous records involving money and resources invested and earned, beating loads of other mainstream entertainment content, like movies, song albums, etc. There are gatherings and conventions where the biggest creators and most enthusiastic users gather yearly to exchange experiences and market their future endeavors. Professional tournaments with prize pools going upwards of millions of dollars are constantly being held featuring all kinds of different games. You can even earn college scholarships by being good at playing.

Naturally, all that popularity was being followed by immense expansion with video games infiltrating many aspects of human lives. Because of that, gaming constantly evolves and, with perpetual progress in technology, we keep getting better and more interesting games in every way, whether it’s realistic graphics, immersive gameplay, new features, and so on. There are certain things that tend to slow the progress occasionally. For example, some PC games get downgraded or held back from reaching their maximum potential.

Sometimes it’s due to them requiring expensive configurations and sometimes they need to also be playable on consoles that are often less powerful than PCs. However, even with all of that, every now and then we get surprised in a good way. Just recently, Microsoft announced some astounding features regarding their Flight Simulator. Allegedly, the whole planet will be playable with their advanced scanning being able to make great renderings of every building in the world. They promise everyone to be able to fly past their home in addition to having procedurally generated clouds, wind, birds, etc. Now if that does sound innovative. In addition to that, we can surely expect incredible advancements in VR and enhanced reality gaming and, of course, better than ever free online porn games. All of that is to be expected but, as always, we’re looking forward to things that come unexpectedly.