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Funny Bingo Rewards

Funny Bingo Rewards


Bingo is increasing in its popularity with every month since it became an online hit, but players are constantly wanting more to keep them entertained. Not only are they looking for the best new Bingo games to play online but they are looking for big cash sums to win, and more recently, they are interested in interesting prizes. But what exactly does “interesting prizes” refer to?

Surely this is somewhat subjective as it depends on what each individual finds interesting. We have found some of the most interesting prizes that have been recorded in the modern history of online Bingo playing. What would you think if you won any of these? Would you continue playing Rio Bingo or would the receipt of any of these prizes put you off for life?

Common Rewards

The most common prizes that people tend to win at online Bingo are obviously cash, but there can be alternative games based prizes too. A popular prize is that of being awarded free spins on a popular slots game that can be played on the same online gaming site as the Bingo game you have been playing on to win these freebies. These free spins are actually seen as one of the most useful things that you can win when you are playing online Bingo and offer a great new way for gamers to be able to discover new games to try that they may not have previously tried before. This enables the recipient to play the slot game without having to spend a single penny of their own money to be able to see if they like the slots game. This is also a clever way that the online casinos entice you into wanting to play something else on their site.

Just like Bingo, slot games do not require any skill or strategy and therefore anyone is able to play. This is, therefore, a clever prize as free spins are aimed at exactly the same audience as the ones who would be playing Bingo. There is big potential with playing on slot games, and having free spins to do so enables you to have the big win ability without having to use any of your credit to try for the big prize.

Alternative Prizes

It has been known for Bingo sites to award their players with actual prizes. These have occurred through prize draws in the UK where random players were selected as winners. There have been all sorts of interesting and unexpected prizes, such as DVDs, chocolate, and vouchers for famous retail chains, all of which could be used by any winner.
However, some Bingo sites see prizes as a way to increase their publicity. So there are some sites who reward players with Bingo branded paraphernalia, such as mugs, pens, t-shirts, and baseball caps, which have usually gone down less well with players. Usually, these branded gifts are combined with something a little more experience-based though which is lucky, otherwise, we could have major uproar on our hands. There are many different experiences up for grabs, with one big experience day per month being rewarded. The favourite so far for us has been the picnic bundle.

Weird Winnings

About ten years ago, AnnSummersBingo.com hit the web and it took the world by storm. Not only was the Bingo playing somewhat different to what players were used to, but the communication styles and prizes certainly raised a few eyebrows too. With all players able to see and hear each caller, other players voted for who had the sexiest voice. Not only this, but all of the names for the different numbers had also been changed to things that were a little more in keeping with the Ann Summers brand, and no, we don’t think you need any examples!

It was an instant hit with a specific group of online players, but there were many people who were unimpressed by this new Bingo. This was not only due to the fact that the game had been altered and the number names changed, but the main reason people were appalled by this site was related to the prizes. Prizes from the Ann Summers Bingo site included some rather personal and sexual objects, such as vibrators, butt plugs and lingerie. Great for some perhaps, but simply just a bit too weird for the majority. Sadly for the players who enjoyed this Bingo site and its “interesting prizes”, the site did not last for long. But is there any other prize that has taken the Bingo world by storm?

Bingo Moo-ney Alternative

The majority of online Bingo games ensure that at least one cash prize is up for grabs during every game of Bingo. The biggest prize is always offered to the first player who is able to get a Full House, but many games also offer prizes to the first players who get one line or two lines. But when you do not play stereotypical Bingo and you do not play Bingo online, what is the worst that can happen? Please be aware that you should always`s expect the unexpected in these circumstances and should not be shocked at the outcome of a Charity Bingo game!

During an American Charity Bingo game, a well to do, young New Yorker won the big, Full House prize. As people before her had previously won electrical appliances, such as TVs, kitchen appliances and mobile phones, she was expecting to receive something similar. So when she made her way on to the stage in her elegant outfit, the last thing anyone was expecting her to receive as her big prize was a cow!

The lucky winner of said cow accepted her alternative moo-ney prize with grace, despite going red with embarrassment and giggling along during the handover. But it was never revealed as to whether she actually took her new prize back to the city that never sleeps or not. We’ve all had flatmates that we would rather forget, but having a cow for company is taking this a little too far!