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Forest Collection – Lando Ameen

Forest Collection – Lando Ameen



Detroit, MI—Lando Ameen’s brand new album “FOREST COLLECTION” was executively produced and written by Lando Ameen himself with additional production from producers such as Jusvibes, MerlexSkate, Tony Rexx, PR, Ashton “AC” Combs, and Marquis Rachad. Forest Collection was recorded in Atlanta, GA as well as Detroit, MI. This is Lando’s first full length project to be released through all streaming services.

Lando Ameen is an American rapper, singerm music producer, and songwriter. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Lando began pursuing a career in music at an early age beginning in high school. In spring 2015, he was able to be apart of rapper Big Sean and Adidas collaboration to open a studio at his alma mater. In spring 2017, Lando relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and attended SAE Institute where he graduated and earned a degree in audio engineering.

For more information, booking, or to arrange an interview, contact Lando Ameen at (landoameen@gmail.com), (7343949087), or (landoameen.com).

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