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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Who Is Weiss the Immaculate?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Who Is Weiss the Immaculate?


Fans were shown a glimpse of Weiss the Immaculate at the end of the reveal trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Though Weiss previously had a role in both Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, players may not know the character or his motives if they never played these spin-off titles. Before his reintroduction in Intergrade, here is a primer on Weiss the Immaculate and his goals.

Weiss the Immaculate was first featured as one of the antagonists in 2006’s Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. He also made an appearance at the end of 2007’s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Weiss is a SOLDIER and leader of the Tsviets. He’s often portrayed as calm and charismatic but holds a deep hatred for humans, particularly scientists. This is likely due to his time spent in Deepground and his later possession by Professor Hojo.

Weiss is tall and muscular, with shoulder-length spiked white hair sticking up in multiple directions. He typically appears shirtless, with gi pants and boots. His weapons of choice are two lever-action swords with firearm capabilities. Despite portraying sadistic and sociopathic traits, he cares deeply for his younger brother Nero.

After Zack defeats Genesis Rhapsodos in Crisis Core, Weiss and Nero recover the antagonist’s body and whisk it away via helicopter. Genesis is a product of Jenova Project G, which would be replaced by Project S after Sephiroth was declared the more successful of Shinra’s attempts to transplant Jenova’s alien DNA into their SOLDIERs. Though further experiments with Project G were supposed to be halted, they continued in the Deepground, eventually leading to additional SOLDIERs that would be spliced with Genesis’ DNA. Nero and Weiss are some of such SOLDIERS, making up a part of the group known as the Tsviets.

The Tsviets are the last leaders of Deepground, led by Weiss. Each member has unique abilities obtained through Project G. Deepground transformed from a secret underground lab into a prison-city where residents had control chips installed to force loyalty while experimentation continued. Shinra aimed at creating a new breed of SOLDIER that would surpass the previous iterations, but Weiss sought to overthrow his oppressors and seize control of Deepground.

His first attempt was to convince Genesis to work with him to incite rebellion after he’d recovered the former SOLDIER following the fight with Zack. Genesis declines, but more of his cells are taken and injected into the other Tsviets. Sometime later, Weiss and the other Tsviets learn of a computer virus that could be used to hack into the Deepground supercomputer and reprogram their control chips.

Though this initially worked and Weiss’ rebellion began, a virus is released in Weiss’ body when he eliminates his controllers. The virus was to act as a deterrent against Weiss’ betrayal and begins to degrade his body. Seeking a way to stop the virus, Weiss performs a Synaptic Net Dive, sending his consciousness into the Worldwide Network. There, he encounters the digitized remains of Hojo’s psyche, which have been possessed by the mad scientist.

With Weiss’ body and Deepground’s resources, Hojo puts a new planet-destroying scheme into motion. Deepground combatants and the Tsviets started to dig their way back to the surface from under Midgar’s remains, abducting citizens and terrorizing nearby regions. Ultimately, Hojo sought to trick the planet into releasing Omega, forcing a jet of pure lifestream to travel to another planet. This act would damn the world, leaving behind a cold rock incapable of supporting life.

Hojo would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Vincent Valentine and his allies. Hojo/Weiss are defeated by Vincent, and the threat is averted. However, Weiss is carried away by Genesis after his defeat declaring that they “still have much work to do.”

Though Weiss’ background is complicated and he’s only in the spotlight for one title, he’s a driving actor in everything that comes after Final Fantasy VII and its follow-up film, Advent Children. There’s no telling what role he’ll play in the upcoming Intergrade DLC, but it’ll be fantastic to see how the character is handled in Square Enix’s fresh take on Final Fantasy VII lore.