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Fashion Statement with Gabrielle Nix

Fashion Statement with Gabrielle Nix


Mario R. Ramirez, Photographer, Las Vegas, NV:
Collaboration” the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Great photography is all about great collaboration. You can have an idea, have an inspiration but you must surround yourself with people that can help you accomplish that idea.

As a photographer I know all too well that not only my lighting and photography skills are important, but so is the makeup artist’s ability to take the face and the body of the model and convert that canvas into a muse, with the help of the Stylist and Designers talent to mold fashion, color , fabrics , stones and shoes into a work of art. Needless to say, the talent of the model to bring movement, expression and feeling and emotion into that art.

In this set, the Designer / Stylist had an inspired idea of what she wanted and was able to transmit that idea to all of us that participated. In turn, we all were able to create these awesome images you see.

Obviously when everyone brings in their best game everyone’s job becomes so much more satisfying. And I say job because this is what we do but sometimes it feels more like if you’re in a playground playing with your friends, that is if that those in the collaboration have success in mind for all and everyone is in tune helping to bring the best out of each other.

Samiha Glam, Makeup Artist, Special FX, Las Vegas, Nevada:

Known as the all you can do makeup artist in Las Vegas. She’s able to create any type of look from beauty and bridal to fantasy and advanced prosthetics. She’s recognized for stepping outside of the box; challenging her creativity through the freeing art form of makeup artistry. This particular look was inspired by a peacock. Along with its elegance, the Peacock inhibits unique features and possesses pride: ” In my opinion, this creature is the perfect model to replicate. I pull inspiration from not one but all variables of life. From textures to coloration, my creations exude aspects of expressions I pick up with the blink of an eye. I entertain the mind with abstract shapes that others enjoy to decode. Makeup artistry is my personal escape from the hectic and controlled everyday world that constantly surrounds us and crowds our numbed minds with nonsensical ludicrous. It’s the one practice in my life that doesn’t have to make sense; which is why I aim to allow free-flow into my art. This was an amazing team to work with and each of us played an important role in this creation. It was a beautiful symphony of talent that came together to finalize the vision we all had rendered individually, and I am honored to have been a part of it! ”

Ishinensparkle by Elena Pineda, Designer, Stylist, Concept/Idea, Las Vegas, Nevada:

This designer is slowly but surely earning the respect and recognition of her peers in the Las Vegas fashion community. Her exotic and extravagant designs are currently the most coveted items in the west coast area, for more visit ishinensparkle.com or follow her designs on Instagram @Ishinensparkle.

“For Gabrielle Nix, Model, I decided to create a Blue Peacock concept that would accentuate her beauty and highlight her magnificent eyes with a huge pop of color, adding the shine and sparkle of the statement jewels.”