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Fashion Model Showcase: Nesha A women with a Dream

Fashion Model Showcase: Nesha A women with a Dream


Photographer: Karl M Lee
Model: Nesha Jackson
Mua: Armonia Been Couture

I am Nesha Jackson and I have a passion for fashion/modeling. Ever since I was 9 years old I was always fascinated and intrigued with the fashion industry. I truly love to express my athletic, outgoing, sweet, yet fierce personality through my clothes. I grew up watching shows like America’s Next Top Model and admired models on the TV and magazines. I would always think to myself, I would love to be her, I want to be one of those beautiful girls, but I never knew where to start.

I kept my dream to myself once I had my son and I ended up enrolling myself into a school where I graduated top of my class to become a Full-time Medical Assistant and am currently studying to becoming a Registered Nurse. Although I love being a mother as well as working in the medical field, I still had this fire burning inside me, I want to model! At the age of 27, I could not let my dream simply fade away.

One day I came across a post on Facebook regarding auditions for AC Fashion Week Season 12. Right then I knew this was it, I had to audition and so I did, and I got it! There are no words to describe how I felt that day, I pushed myself and that fire inside me had ignited and my dream finally came true. My first fashion show was everything I thought it could be and I knew this is where my heart was and where I needed to be.

So many amazing opportunities have been given to me since my first show and I have taken every single one. I am excited to walk in Ready to Wear Fashion Week and many more Fashions Shows to come. Outside of Runway, I did my very first photo shoot with Photographer Karl M Lee in North Jersey and my heart is set on progressing! In this life, you must follow your dreams and do what you love and this is just the beginning for me.

FASHION EDITORIAL – Nesha A women with a Dream

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