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Fashion Illustrations (Postcard Series)

Fashion Illustrations (Postcard Series)


Textile Designer: Melody Hesaraky @Melody Hesaraky
IG: https://www.instagram.com/melodyhesaraky/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/melody.hesaraky
WB: melodyhesaraky
TW: https://twitter.com/melodyhesaraky

The purpose of this project was connecting people around the world through art. I developed these fashion illustrations and then created a collection of postcards with the illustrations on them before I head to the burning man. The theme for the illustrations was burning man culture, which is rooted in the value of self-expression. Like my previous collections Music also has created impetus and inspiration for the illustrations. I wished to produce a pure and transcendental art form and not just use a familiar image! I use music as an analogy or metaphor in my designs and artistic expression. By listening to music and emulating it in my work, I have discovered unconventional techniques in my pattern designs and art-making approach. Like music, my work was created from the depth of my inner self and the purest way to express this is letting the rhythm leads what I draw.

As human beings, we all need to feel connected. We need to feel supported, valued, and loved. When I think of my own experiences, it’s amazing how connecting with someone, even briefly, can give me what I need to learn. Connecting to other humans and holding space for each other has healing power and I’ve experienced that in my own life. And that made me come up with this idea. When I was at Burning Man I asked random strangers to write something on the postcards and then sent them away to a group of people that gave their addresses to me and wanted to be part of the project. My hope is that the messages they receive will to some degree, satisfy their innate need for community and will lift their spirits.

Perhaps we often think of connecting with others as having heart-to-heart talks where we share our deepest thoughts and emotions or open up about hard-to-discuss feelings or events in our lives. This is undoubtedly connecting and is essential for us all to do at times. But connections can also be as simple as sending a handwritten postcard with a message on it.