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Fashion Hairstylist Showcase by Nadia BOUCHIKHI

Fashion Hairstylist Showcase by Nadia BOUCHIKHI


Hairstyling: Nadia BOUCHIKHI
Photography: Daniel PISTER

Nadia BOUCHIKHI always tries to outdo herself in all artistic universes. Keen on fashion, this creative is in perpetual quest for new inspirations; for her, appearance is an art. She wants to be able to give way to her artistic desires by “modeling” the hair with which she maintains an almost carnal relationship. This passionate woman gives herself the means and knows how to seize every opportunity that brings her knowledge and experience.

It is by working with two great professionals in the hairdressing profession from Maison Gérard Laurent, and supported by their seasoned advice, that Nadia will be able to assimilate all the cutting-edge technicalities and improve her skills.

The end of this rich collaboration and solid professional experience will accelerate the realization of his dream: to open a salon in his image. The year 2017 will therefore be decisive. With her precious partner Daniel Pister, fashion photographer, the 28-year-old young woman will realize her innovative project by bringing together her two passions in the same place: she opens her high-end salon with a unique concept in France: a magical and refined place combining hairstyle with French and fashion photography, like the backstage of the biggest shows: www.nadiabouchikhi.fr. Talent and work are inseparable for her. His artistic vision is renew constantly through the various trends, while retaining his own mind and regard on beauty. Music, biographies of famous people from all eras where the fates touched her, photography, dance, painting. ART in all its forms is his source of inspiration. She soaks it up to then transform it in his imagination and the materialize by creating current and trendy hairstyles dances. She likes to come up with different hairstyles and unique every season. She has already given birth to 6 collections: ICE, SHADES, KEEP YOUR HAIR ON, FAROUCHE, DIVINE, INSOLENT published in the biggest magazines in the world hairstyling products such as BIBLOND, L’ECLAIREUR, ECHOS HAIRSTYLE, ESTETICA.

In 2018, Jean Vincent ALAFACI, director of brand of professional scissors Mizutani, will notice the talented hairdresser through of his hairstyl collections but also of his person unique nality. This meeting and this real blow lightning professional with Mizutani go the pro pulsate in another dimension. The brand Mizutani, offers to be the face of his chisel ADDICTE, chisel mixing high jewelry, luxury, finesse and precision of the famous Japanese blades daughters. This is the start of a great partnership between Nadia Bouchikhi and her creations, Daniel Pister who goes manage her image and Mizutani., In 2020 she becomes Mizutani Scissors brand ambassador.

In 2021, the road to success continues, she becomes artistic partner of the brand SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL.