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Fashion Editorial: Youthful Confidence

Fashion Editorial: Youthful Confidence


Model: Sierra Pearson Wyrick (IG: @sierraxpearson)
Makeup and Hair Artist: Stella Kim(IG: @StellakimArtistry)
Photographer and Re-toucher: Pooja (www.poojaphotography.com)

The world moves fast so a young woman must possess a sense of who they are in order to navigate their life. This session was all about how confidence and elegance provide the foundation for young women to thrive in the world today. Not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Deep colors and the classic lines of the model dominate this shoot, giving it a breathy yet sophisticated feel. The black gown from Betsy Adams sends a message to the world that ‘this girl knows who she is!” The lighting captured my model Sierra’s milky skin and contrasted the dark background with the gown to make this shot ‘Pop!’

The off the shoulder, yet classic Bebe dress accents Sierra’s youthful curves as she brings her confident ‘sass’ to the bold poses. A look of I got this’ says more than any amount of spoken words ever can!  Sierra started as a model at 5 years old appearing in print ads for Macy’s and Pottery Barn Kids among others. Best memories were shooting the cover of Chef Magazine up in Sonoma at a beautiful old farm house on an expansive vineyard. It was an all day shoot and she had the best time! Her favorite shoot of all time was for Nautica down in beautiful Carmel where she was shot along the beaches, on a trampoline by the sea and playing tug o war in the sand.

Sierra took a break from her busy career as a model to focus on her school work and to get involved in sports and dance. Soccer, ice skating, horseback riding, and ballet were all her loves!! She finally chose dance as her main focus and danced competitively for 5 years in jazz and contemporary. This shot illustrates Sierra’s dancer lines and her comfortable way of moving her body into the pose.

Recently Sierra changed her focus to academics in preparation for college. Along with academics, her passion still burns for modeling and she’s back to make her mark! Next in our session, we created a flirty, fun look with a white off the shoulder T from Brandy Melville and the edgy ripped black jeans from PacSun. Aldo heels round out this look to give Sierra that grounded coolness that illustrates why young women are destined for greatness! As a dancer, my model has great moves and really knows how to use her body to tell a story.

Sierra’s personality is like Sunshine and that’s why I wanted Sierra to feel free and light. So we chose a bright yellow top from Mixit. We had fun with these shots as Sierra moved and played with the poses. For a young girl, feeling a sense of freedom is so important these days. School and academic pressures are heavier than they’ve ever been and having a balance of work and play lightens up any young person’s life. Sierra feels modeling is light and playful as she enjoys being part of amazing images.

Giving young women an outlet to celebrate their strengths and master their talents will build a generation of secure, assured women who will light up the world for years to come. Stella’s is an exquisite artist. We cannot visualize this session without her makeup and hair skills. Pooja is a published photographer and loves creating beauty, fashion and contemporary portraits for her clients. She believes beautiful images touch the heart in a way, nothing else can.

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FASHION EDITORIAL – Youthful Confidence

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