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Fashion Editorial: You Better work

Fashion Editorial: You Better work


Model: Darryl Sposato
HMUA: Darlina Conto
Style: Angela Campolongo
Photographer: Vania Elise

This fashion editorial, You Better Work, is a creation and collaboration between between 5 creatives: photographer, Vania Elise, model & creative director, Darryl Sposato, wardrobe stylist, Angela Campolongo, HMUA: Darlina Conto, & beauty image retouch, Chris Lambeth.

We were inspired by the crisp, yet classic look of black & white. When it all came together we had a mix of mod fashion & NYC working girl attire, where we then came up with the name, You better work. The story was inspired by the style and the looks that, Angela, our stylist came up with. It’s about working your way up to the top and staying focused to obtain your goals and dreams, which I think our team, as well as many creatives can relate too.

A little about each of our team members:

Photographer, Vania Elise: Inspire, create & innovate is my motto. I’m a fashion photographer who loves to explore the endless realms of creativity through different mediums. I am most inspired by art, music, technology and, of course, fashion. I like to describe my work as elegance with an edge. No concept is too far fetched for me and I’m not afraid to take chances. You can see more of my work and learn more about my creative process at:


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Model, Darryl Sposato:

Art Direction:
Creative Art Directing is something I have been focusing on for the past 3 years. I see a vision in my head and immediately have to bring it to life by using fashion to visualize it in amazing editorials. My ideas and concepts come from a variety of inspiration whether it is a certain location, a piece of clothing, a part of nature, or a specific models look. I not only come up with concepts, themes, and mood boards but I also select the best team (Photographers, Models, MUA’s, Hair Stylists, Designers, and Wardrobe Stylists) who I believe can bring my vision to life!!!

I began modeling at a young age but took it more serious after high school after leaving my small town of Myakka City FL and moving to Orlando. I shot with a makeup artist who pushed me more into modeling by telling me that my unique European features and blue eyes photographed amazing. The main thing I enjoy about modeling is being able to play dress up and bring a story to life in front of a camera. I also love the fact that most of my flaws/awkwardness also is what photographs best about me. I believe being different is an amazing way to inspire others to embrace their beauty!

Modeling: www.facebook.com/pages/Darryl-Sposato/223896144012
Art direction: www.facebook.com/ArtCreativeDirectorByDcs

Wardrobe Stylist, Angela Campolongo: I didn’t truly start loving fashion until I was in my late teens. I loved how you could mix prints, textures, colors, layers and lengths to make an outfit come alive. Just by knowing how to accessorize, can take your outfit to top notch. It truly is all about putting everything together from the clothes, accessories, and shoes to bring the dynamic of the outfit together as a whole. I decided that I wanted to go to school for Fashion styling and make a career out of it. I love the whole process of getting inspired and picking out clothes that embody the look we are going for to make our vision as a team come together. I also love making in particular women of all sizes and shapes feel good about themselves while dressing them. Its not just about being good at styling but giving people an experience they won’t forget. My work has been published in many magazines and I have collaborated with many aspiring individuals throughout the last two years. I want to continue to work with people that inspire me to create art in a photograph or on a body!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/acampolongo1?fref=ts

HMUA, Darlina Conto: I was fortunate enough to have started my career in Los Angeles, in the heart of the entertainment industry, where I worked with many dynamic people, including some big name celebrities. After leaving California, my tastes shifted and I now enjoy working on beauty/fashion/editorial photo shoots. I am stimulated by the entire creative process and how the synergy of the team can turn out such powerful and timeless imagery. You can see my celebrity list and hair/makeup creations on my site: www.darlinaconto.com.

Img. 2 & 3 – Top -sheer polka dot cropped top with sleeves Elodie $40.00
Bottoms -High waisted black underwear $52.00 Slimplicity Spanx by Sara Blakely
Handbag -Zara $50
Shoes-Black and white closed small heel shoe $69.95 Tildon
Img. 1 & 0216 – Black Blazer -Stylist Own
Dress -black and white stripe maxi dress with slits Remain $88.00
shoes: -black ankle booties $128.95 Vince Camuto
Img 6 & 0257 – Dress -checkered sleeve A line dress Love Ady $88.00
Bangles -black and white stripe bangle $19.97
– white bangle and black bangle each $14.97 14th &Union
Sunglasses -black and white polka dot sunglasses Stylist Own
Img 12 & 11 – Blazer -white blazer Stylist Own
Belt -white and black zig zag belt Stylist Own
Shoes -White strappy heels $24.00 Yoki
Necklace -Stylist Own
Img 14 – Top -white pleather roped shoulder detail short sleeve shirt 1.State $118.00
Bottom -checkered straight dress Love Ady $88.00
Necklace- Bakers $20
Shoes -Black ankle booties $128.95 Vince Camuto
Img 9 & 0503 – Blazer -white blazer Stylist Own
Bottom -white straight leg trousers Amanda & Chelsea $110.00
Bra -Stylist Own
Shoes -black shinny strappy heels $110.95 Calvin Klein
Img 7 & 0399 – Dress -white and black polka dot and patterned dress ONE Dress A Day $45.00
Top -Pleather white cap $32.00 BCBGENERATION
Shoes -black open toe buckled heels $139.00 Vince Camuto
Img 16 – Dress -white dress with sheer front Robbi &Nikki $118.00
Jacket -black and white stripe Stylist Own
Img 18 – Jacket- Stylist Own
Img 19 – Top- sleeveless black vest Michael Kors $130.00
Bottom- white straight leg trousers Amanda & Chelsea $110.00