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Fashion Editorial – Winter Cozies

Fashion Editorial – Winter Cozies


Photography & Creative direction: Michele Taras
Model: Gabriella Macpherson of Sherrida Model Management
Retoucher: Anna Gromova
Hair & MUA: Gabriella MacPherson

Wardrobe Credits:
Burgundy Paisley: Victoria Secret
Red & White pj: La Vie en Rose> Grey PJ with bears: La Vie en Rose
Grey and navy onesie: Aerie
Black and white blanket scarf: Smash from Off Broadway Boutique
Yellow, blue, white and red scarf and hat: Hudson’s Bay
Sock Monkey hat

Nothing says winter like a cozy pair of pajamas, wooly winter hats, and mitts! We have had quite the ups and downs in Canada so far this season with our winter weather – culminating in a couple of ice storms. Beautiful, but treacherous underfoot! We wanted to do something to express the beauty of ice and winter and braved the cold for this photo shoot. Doing a shoot in the woods in pajamas was something I always had planned in the back of my mind, and I was waiting for the perfect day to do it. Lo and behold, we were hit with a massive ice storm that raged on for two days. It left us however with beautiful iced up branches, that made for the perfect backdrop for our fashion editorial.

Accessorizing pajamas in prints and patterns gave the perfect feeling of comfort. This way the viewer would associate the images with cozy, happy feelings, rather than cold ones that would have been achieved had the model been wearing winter coats and boots. Having the model in skates – even when not on the ice, helped to accentuate this light, and playful imagery.

This year styling with mixes of patterns is all the rage, as can be seen by accessorizing stripes on stripes with our very own Canadian-made Hudson’s Bay red, blue, yellow and white striped scarf. Beautiful rich paisley patterns from Victoria Secret, cute polar bears and red and white splashes of color from La Vie en Rose, a fun onesie from Aerie is every girl’s comfy favorites! It is a great time to support made in Canada and look great doing it!

We had such a fun time on this shoot – albeit a slippery kind of fun, with all the ice we had to deal with. However, it made for such beautiful scenery and we made it very Canadian by having skates on our model instead of regular footwear!