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Fashion Editorial: WHITE & SAND

Fashion Editorial: WHITE & SAND


Sweater: Buffalo – Sweater: RD Style – Bathing suit: Billa bong – Dress- Claude Bélanger design, Dress- Sani La femme – Shirt Rina Scimento

For this particular Photo-shoot the starting point was the location. We built the story and the styling based on the location. We wanted something simple and elegant. For the garments, something that reflects purity of the nature element in summer such has the heat, the wind and the sun. We wanted to put in image a summer heat like in the dessert. Create a sun & sand theme but not a bikini swimwear editorial. We decided to go with only white and off white garments. This editorial photo-shoot was inspire by solid colors, the heat of the summer, we wanted to illustrate summer fashion in a very simple color palette, contrast of nature’s colors, the sand, the blue sky and the white garments. Simple yet elegant and pure.

Model Asiya Koltunova did the hair and make-up to go along the idea of simplicity, natural and elegance. Pull back hair gives the model a sophisticated look while enhancing her green eyes. The makeup and hair styling products from MAC and Redken were used. We selected a series of garment from recognized name brand such as Buffalo and Billa Bong, to designer garment like Sani, La femme and Rina Scimento. One dress was created especially for this shoot. I had a clear vision for an image, a dress on the desert with only sand and the blue sky. (as seen on image 5 and 6). We did not find any dress that fit my idea the way I wanted. So be it! As a former fashion designer, I decided, I would make the dress! I research fabrics within our theme and found a beautiful white lace. I took Asiya measurements and design a made to measure dress as per my vision. It became a creation that combines elegance and sexiness. A look, I feel is fashion in a luxurious and stylish manner.

The editorial white and sand was inspired by the summer heat, the desert sand and wind. As a photographer I am always on the go to find new places to shoot. Being in Montreal, Canada we have really 4 seasons and summer is short. In Montreal planning a shoot on white sand beaches is not so easy. I found this location, a place for commercial sand, tons and tons of sand valleys, couldn’t ask for a better place. This location was perfect!

I have been working with Asiya koltunova on a several fashion shoot, one of our editorial TAKE ME AWAY was publish in Solis Magazine Issue 12. Besides being a great model, Asiya is an outstanding stylist and unbelievably creative person! As a team we really work well together. We are a multi task team, Asiya is an establish model, a great make-up artist and a talented stylist. As a photographer I have a passion for composition, and I love the find great location. As a fashion designer I have sense for elegance and the possibility to create garments. For this shoot my good friend Robert assisted me. Robert is an accomplished fashion and commercial photographer. We very often work together on various assignments.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Claude Bélanger www.image-solutions.ca
MODEL: Asiya Koltunova.
PHOTOGRAPHER Assistant: Robert Gilbert www.robertgilbert.tv
STYLIST: Asiya Koltunova -Claude Bélanger
MAKE-UP & HAIR STYLIST: Asiya Koltunova.
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Text: Claude Bélanger