Home Editorial Fashion Fashion Editorial: WHERE THE LAND ENDS AND THE SEA BEGINS




  • Model: Oscar Putrino
  • Outfits: Frida Morgan Vintage Store
  • Jewels: Fancyland by Francesca Romana De Rossi
  • Make up: Cátia Gonçalves
  • Photographer: Alexandre Andrade

The idea of the two editorials was inspired by a trip to Portugal carried out by me, the model actor Oscar Putrino, for theatrical and photographic works. Hence the project begins through the collaboration of mine with the great Portuguese photographer Alexandre Andrade and with the famous Italian photographer Max Moor. The concept and the mood of the two shootings blend with the journey .Western most corner of Europe, Portugal is a country that fascinates for the genuine character of the people, for the surreal landscapes, for the light of oceanic clouds and the bright colors, diluted by time. There is no nation so exuberant and melancholy at the same time overlooking the Atlantic and you seem to hear the sighs of women awaiting the return of sailors, explorers and fishermen, realizing the significance of the famous Portuguese saudade. The trip will become a test of knowledge, in the broadest sense of the term. It is the natural urge to search for the new, the instinctive attraction or repulsion for what is foreign, the measure of the distance that separates us from the unknown reality. A look at the ocean until evening, thinking about a past of unruly sailors, you can attack the melancholy… The first editorial is titled “Lisbon”. The second one is titled “Puerto”. You can consider them separately or together as two stages of the same photographic journey. The journey as a metaphor of life along the bright and colonial Lisbon old town up to the area of Belem, the portual-continental by using all means of transport: from the clattering and picturesque “eléctricos” yellow, green or red to the old and picturesque funiculars monorail serving to overcome in a matter of minutes the big differences between a hill and the other. Fernando Pessoa writes that “a melhor maneira de viajar is hearing” , stating the mystery of Lisbon , the secret of the strange attraction , the fascination that the city has on the traveler , a place where you always feel the desire to return . “Do not forget that we are in Lisbon , hence not leaving streets ” , this is the explanation that the ghost of Pessoa gives Ricardo Reis who wonders why his return to Portugal . One of the shooting’s purposes is showing ( in an almost surrealistic and poetic mood ) that from Lisbon you don’t go anywhere , over there is the ocean, the endless sky above and behind us there is the river that we crossed and the known geography from which we come here….. All this fascinates you about Lisbon, the feeling of being at your destination and that something new awaits you, is this awareness that has made the profound nostalgia that inevitably affects the traveler. The strange light that invades the city and the lightness of the air we breathe allow to visitors to wander in search of their true essence.. Where the land ends and the sea begins.

Full-blooded Sicilian, born and raised in a fashion environment because the family owns an historic clothing company from 1943, Oscar immediately developed artistic ambitions not only fashion but also related to literature, theatre, cinema. After earning a degree in foreign languages and literatures he began making the event organizer of fashion and spectacle, not least a format of dance, singing, recitation, which from August will be launched in the inyernational circuit. He was a member for 7 years of the theatre company “Sine qua non” on tour in both Italy and Switzerland. He made his debut at the cinema as the bad guy of the story, the antagonist in the brilliant comedy entitled: “The gang of superoi” directed by Kyo and production of Real entarteinment that had its first theatrical release in all Italian cinemas on 16 October 2014. Hence, personal appearances and interviews on national television stations (guest of the TV show “Cinematografo” by Marzullo on Raiuno, interview more service on Videomediterraneo SAT) and articles on national newspapers and film sites like: “My movies” and “Coming Soon”). He has always developed the concept of a multi-purpose art, which encloses a little all disciplines in a sort of “double work”, just like Preraffaeliti did in the late ‘ 800 (Dante Rossetti, in particular): photography, painting, theatre, writing and, in addition, fashion and films . That’s why more than one showman he is an “all-purpose man”, a multifaceted artist able to juggle with extreme nonchalance among fashion, photography, theatre and cinema.

Alexandre Andrade is a Portuguese fashion photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. He works in the world. He works in both analog and digital photography. Influenced by light and cultures he develops his photography’s work within a fashion narrative inspired by people. He is one of the most acclaimed portuguese photographers in the country.


The main objective of the photo shooting with Oscar Putrino in Lisbon was to combine the beauty and the light of the city with a sophisticated casual Italian style.

The day started in the old part of Lisbon.

The first “styling” was inspired in the São Jorge Castle, an amazing monument in Lisbon, and in the old trams. The “browns” of the clothes highlighted the city. Outfits: Vintage brown and beige wool / linen jacket Ungaro and beige cotton /linen trousers. The second “styling” put the new fashion colors of the clothes in the old town streets. The combination of the “greens and pinks” in the recesses of the old town heart gave a lighting moment in the day. An old tram and an APE Calessino inspired the end of the morning. Outfits: Green polished cotton suit and white shirt Manuel Ritz. In the afternoon, the photo-shooting started in the new part of Lisbon, called Expo, with an amazing classic style. The colors of the “styling” was inspired in the modern architecture of the buildings and in a cable car. The Tejo river with the imposing Vasco da Gama Bridge spiced up the photo-shooting. Outfits: Blue double-breasted navy blazer 6 buttons wool / silk / linen in design pique Corneliani and trousers in cotton blue cavalry Corneliani , micro-printing shirt Alea. The last “styling”, a memorable white clothes combination, ended the day. Inspired by the Portuguese Discoveries, the last photo-shooting highlighted an amazing sunset near the Tejo River Bridge. The Belem Tower and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos gave an amazing historical moment to the photo-shooting. Outfits: Vintage white smock with zipper and white pants in raw linen Americanino.