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Fashion Editorial: WaterFront

Fashion Editorial: WaterFront


Photography: kirill Posrednikov @id254507 @kirillposrednikov
Producer: Lubov Vorobieva (Ivory Sun) @ivorysun @Lyubov Vorobieva
Photo assistant: Tatiana Boytsova @boytsova.tatiana @t_boyt
Retouch: Alina Baikova @baikova.alina @baikova.retoucher
style / make up & hair: Lubov Vorobieva (Ivory Sun) @ivorysun @Lyubov Vorobieva
Model: Katare Kaddaeva @katare @kaddaikat
model agency: SKYMODELS MANAGEMENT Saint-Petersburg @skymodelsagency @skymodels
Clothes: Zara, Fru.it
Location: Saint-Petersburg

Text: Lyubov Vorobieva

Walking along the embankment of Finskiy bay year after year I have always been watching on the restricted beautiful picturesque area of the factory. I really wanted to get into the territory just in order to walk there. I even was sometimes dreaming about it.

A miracle happened at the end of September 2017 and the “Sevkable Port” factory was officialy opened for visiting! The urban artistic eco publicistic project “Waterfront” which is a research – the exhibition was held there. It was dedicated to the topic of how modern cities exist nearby the water and how the near water areas of St.Petersburg can develop in future. It is all a part of a bigger project “Ecology and culture – consolidation of cooperation of Russia and other northern countries in terms of protecting the environment”.

I realized that I need to make a shooting here after visiting this event. It should be done fast as the territory is opened for only several days.
The next day we came there with a photographer to look through the shooting location. We really were excited because of the opportunity to be the first to shoot here. The next day I contacted and talked to organizers and they allowed us to make a shooting inside the exhibition right among the installation of modern art. They even provided us with the electricity for lighting.

We chose 3 points for the shooting and made test shots. I realized, we need to find a model!She must be strong, absolutely perfect, beautiful and professional, not a beginner! The one that completely reflects the urban concept. I realized it was Katare! I called her and she gave me the positive answer.

The next action was to collect looks! It should be Total black! Eco-friendly materials. I decided to focus on the difference in fabric texture in materials: eco-leather, denim, lace, metal, crystals, massive silver jewelry. Black and white photography. We used the color of light (color filters) only inside the installation of modern art. I think the girl living on the coast urban boundary looks exactly like this.

Day X.
We have considered everything! We relied primarily on the weather forecast. The weather forecast did not fail. It was luckily sunny in St.Petersburg where it usually rains. We used the sun as a source of hard light.

My most favorite shots from this shooting are made on the waterfront. The poses of the model are not accidental. The model posed to interact with the sea wind. It reflected in the shooting the spirit of freedom, playing on photo frames with hair styling.


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