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Fashion Editorial: Waiting for Bond, James Bond


What is a Bond girl? From Ursula Andress as Honey Rider in Dr. No to Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann in Spectre they can seemingly run a wide range of looks. Though in short, a Bond girl is a character who is a love interest and/or female sidekick of James Bond. However, we all know there is even more to it than a cursory definition and possibly a quirky innuendo filled name thrown into the mix. She is assertive, not afraid of her sexuality, more recently is strong, complex and knows what she wants. That is her style and she isn’t shy about it.

Celebrity and International Designer, Cheri Elizabeth (also the creator of Embrace Bridal Boutique) are known for her Couture Red Carpet gowns. Cheri has a passion for making women feel glamorous. She wants her designs and accessories to express each individual’s unique personality. Within a short period of time as a designer, Cheri’s exclusive designs have become very popular amongst the celebrity community. Her work has been featured on red carpets and television amongst publications such as Apparel News. Cheri has showcased in Cannes, France during the Cannes Film Festival and at L.A. and Orange County Fashion Week.

Collaborating with Art Director and Photographer Allen Taylor –www.allentaylorstudios.com, makeup and Hair artist Reyna Khalil – www.reynakhalil.com and Bond Girls to be Brooke Francis – www.instagram.com/brookeee22/, Katty Grace – www.instagram.com/kattygraceofficial/, and Clementyne Joy – www.instagram.com/clementynejoy/ to capture the feel of the Bond Girl presence and fashion sense.

The gowns made for this collection were inspired by one of her favorite singers Lana Del Ray. The collection is called Shades of Cool, which is also one of her songs. Lana herself has been described as seductive, daring, and fearless. Listening to the song one can easily imagine it playing at the beginning of a Bond movie complete with colorful graphics and creative animated silhouettes. To help capture that mood in images, photographer Allen Taylor searched for and selected an outdoor pool setting with an overlooking vista. A perfect spot to create images shot at angles and color connotating action, strength, beauty, and desire.

In general, the Cheri Elizabeth Collection offers graceful styles that are unique, alluring and edgy. The pieces are all Limited Edition, so individuals will wear a gown that most other women will not have. Cheri is always getting inspiration by what’s popular in the fashion world. She finds creative inspiration from all eras of fashion but draws most of her artistry from the styles of Old Hollywood. The seduction of the dresses that celebrities wear on the red carpet is another source of creativity when designing each collection.

The dresses specifically featured here were designed to lure men in and the women who wear them to be comfortable on their own terms as objects of desire. For example, The sequence purple/blue dress is interchangeable as the weaver’s mood. It can be made to be all purple or all blue with the swiping of your hand. enabling women to be able to change her look in only a matter of seconds if she wants. The pink and black high-low dress is made to change as well. The train on the back can be taken off and worn as just a short dress. The looks of all the gowns are edgy, alluring, sequence, striking with their bold color sequence, and provocative design and patterns. Any bond girl could slip into them without any question transforming into symbols of glamor and sophistication. Waiting for Bond? No, he can wait.


Photographer: Allen Taylor
Female Model: Brooke Francis, Katty Grace & Clementyne Joy
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Reyna Al Haj Khalil
Fashion Designer: Cheri Elizabeth