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Fashion Editorial – Visual Flavour

Fashion Editorial – Visual Flavour


Photographer: Meital Netzer-Israel
Model: Megan Krepakevich & Sam Obrigewitsch
Makeup Artist: Amy Maetche
Wardrobe Stylist: Emilia Segal

Inspiration, such a great word; often it feels almost impossible to point to that one thing that inspired me; everything is inspiring from the initial vision through the process to what I can come up with in post production. The notion of being able to be inspired and get filled with that surrounding constructed vision is enough for me to be inspired regardless the subject I attempt to portray; that feeling is the core of my drive. With that statement something must happen, images must speak beyond their visual representation; aesthetic values of an image are never enough. While looking at images I must hear a voice, a sound, a whisper in order to enjoy the visual and so a successful image for me will make me wonder at my own internal space. Desires, passion, escapism, sophisticated, sexual, edgy, story-telling, infinity, femininity, beyond, enlightenment, beauty and any term that can describe that moment which is in-between actions and create some form of curiosity is within my interest; those are the basic sounds for every image I aim to construct. Moreover, I enjoy looking at a subject in reality but seeing something totally different before we even start, challenging myself to bring to life what I vision is another form of inspiration for me, so much fun to experience my reality through my own photography.

For this collection I initially was looking at few previous images I had but once I saw Sam and her unique face in person, quickly I knew what I could come up with and that we had to shift from the classic look we thought of doing to a playful retro/vintage flavor that suits the her much better. You see one thing in reality but your mind visualizes something totally different, it’s almost as peeling layers away in your mind and being able to see the final output just in your head while ignoring everything you look at and eliminating reality. Lucky me I had one of the best makeup and hair artist to work with, not enough Amy is very talented she is able to see my vision every time we work together. So yes sometimes vision-discussion may be described by “you know” and we need to guess but she knows how I think and what I aim for. Now that I think of that it sounds very interesting to be able to translate one mind’s vision or emotional vision to another mind using words only. Hilarious. We look at the model’s face and slowly form a story, adding some of Emilia’s crazy outfits and props while following two main key guidelines: we must exaggerate and most important own it.

I always say behave as you are in the panopticon when you know you are being watched constantly you become an actor of your own internal force by default. That moment when true acting becomes your reality then you own it and get story-telling images. Sam was doing a great job reflecting my inspiration through an attitude. Everything we construct is a hidden form of our desires. I love being a woman, and being able to illustrate the timeless world of femininity, connect with the powerful purity of women’s moments of true intentions and living my fantasies as my reality. Among some amazing well-known photographers that constantly influencing my work are Richard Avedon, Paolo Roversi, Steven Meisel and Nick Knight. Their work is beyond inspiring, reality or fantasy it does not matter what you see but how you feel when you read their images; an absolute fascinated wonderland.

Finalizing my internal force I would say inspiration can come from everywhere as long as we able to dream and find the things we are drawn for at our own faculty of imagination; each image I create is just another self-portrait.