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Fashion Editorial: Vintage Dreams of the Sea

Fashion Editorial: Vintage Dreams of the Sea


They sailed the waters blue and green. The wind blew their hair; their dresses flapped, but did not stir their spirits. A seagull calls in the distance, its cry a symphony echoing on the sea. The sunshine on the water shimmers, jewelry in the light glitters, glossy hair strands flitter. The sun dives deep into the waves, the sky bleeding vibrant shades of orange and red. It’s warm blanket of hues drag down dreamy eyes and stifle yawns. They lay themselves down to sleep, drifting off into ocean dreams. Classic, elegant designs infused with a pinup, retro sailor theme featuring local designer Shari La Von Noble of La macón who sells and creates her work at Sassafras, and jewelry designer VINCA from Texas.

“Lindsay saw my things in a shop where I sell my line. We met and I immediately loved her style and energy so I was thrilled when she asked me to be part of her shoot!” Shari Noble exclaims. “She pulled my leather wristlet and tote, sewn in a fun gold bubble print and I thought it was perfect for a boat/water shoot! She also pulled one of my jumbo travel bags in black leather and gold piping. I felt it was so perfect, especially since it has a fun whimsy travel theme!! The cherry red leather cuff was made from a vintage printing press belt so it fit perfectly with the retro theme as well. The theme is fab to me because it reflects a sense of carefree fun that we have when one is travelling somewhere. I have always loved the use of nautical themes in photos since my line has a hint of retro French Mediterranean enter-wined in the designs and colors. I think the final result is exactly what I thought it would be upon meeting Lindsay: flirty, fun and fabulous!” Noble expresses.

Vinca is a brand focused on small, quirky, fun things made in the USA. “We’re the devil in the details and focus on affordable, trendy, off the wall things that can add a smile to any outfit,” describes the company. Featured in the series is nautical, ocean inspired jewelry perfect for any pinup sailor or boating adventure. Lindsay McCoy sports two sets of earrings, a beautiful gold studded ship wheel and a bright red set of anchors dangling from gold chains. The model Maria Cross features a golden pair of studded anchors. McCoy displays a beautiful golden compass design necklace, a true emblem of sailing the seas with the heart of a true traveler. Cross fashions her adorable tiny white sail boat and knotty rope charm necklace, in which the letters are made using wood engraved with a rope-like pattern. These are but a few examples of fun, quirky, and charming jewelry pieces that you will find at VINCA. This project was first inspired by the dresses which Lindsay McCoy found on two thrifting occasions. While the dresses were not the highlight of the shoot itself, they created an inspirational starting point.

After several adjustments and embellishments to the dresses, with the purchase of additional accessories such as a cherry red belt, white hand gloves, and the gift of an authentic sailor hat from McCoy’s friend Anthony Joyce, the idea was moving full sail ahead.

McCoy sent a casting call out among her friends seeking photo shoot locations, and was offered a proposal by Eric Lynch, a photographer she met at the Seattle monthly fashion show by the organization Chance Fashion. Eric Lynch, the boat owner and main lighting director, is an avid photographer and leisure boat captain when he is not busy being a geneticist and father. “I have been published in magazines such as Science, Nature Genetics, and Drug Discovery Today. This shoot was an incredible evening on the lake with the summer weather cooperating nicely. The models for this shoot were wonderful to work with and I loved the detailed styling. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group. As the Captain, I wished we had a chance to bring the boat up to high speed and get some shots with hair flying but with all the lighting and crew it was probably best we kept it to cruising speeds,” he explains.

Models: Lindsay McCoy https://www.facebook.com/LindsayMcCoyModel
and Maria Cross
Stylist: Lindsay McCoy
Designer Bags by: Shari La Von Noble of La macón https://www.etsy.com/shop/lamacon
Red Gauntlet by: Shari La Von Noble of La macón https://www.etsy.com/shop/lamacon
Jewelry by VINCA http://www.vincausa.com/
Photographer: John Gerecht
Makeup: Dakita Harris https://www.facebook.com/pages/BelleDiva/221531831265972
Hair: Meagan Moore https://www.facebook.com/MeaganMooreMakeupDesign
Retoucher: Lindsay McCoy