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Fashion Editorial: Vibrant Beauty

Fashion Editorial: Vibrant Beauty


This editorial drew inspiration from many sources and team members. Super talented makeup artist Amy, incredible jewelry designer Larisa, beautiful models Lingling and Leah, and my loving husband Brandon also assisted with this shoot. Collaboration of these amazing people made this stunning editorial come to life.

Most of the team members live in the different areas of Northwest Ohio and Detroit Metro area, and the only way we were able to brainstorm our ideas was via Internet or phone. We never had chance to actually get together under the same roof and decide which looks we are going for, what props, jewelry and clothing we had to work with until that day. Prior to the shoot, we were just exchanging creative visions by forwarding images of the ideas to one another. It was never clear which looks we were going to end up with, which made the overall styling of the shoot spontaneous and fun.

Hot, humid August days helped inspire these vibrant and electrifying images. In some of the nude looks I was trying to emphasize the simplicity and sharpness of the details. The colorful looks demonstrate intensity of hues and texture combinations of the makeup, clothes, and accessories.

We also looked to the famous 1980’s Madonna hit, “Material Girl” for inspiration in the accessories for Leah. The layered jewelry and fashion style were inspired by this music video. We wanted to add our own modern twist on the classic look by adding headpieces, hats, and different fabrics to our models. We also used pearls, white lace gloves, and a netted veil to give somewhat of a high fashion bridal vibe. In some of Leah’s other images, light was used to create a vibrant effect complimenting her jacket and purple eyeshadow.

Creating glossy textures was the main focus for makeup artist Amy Lewis. She wanted flawless, yet very natural skin contrasted with extremely glossy lids and eyes. This effect was achieved using clear lip gloss applied to the lips and eyes just seconds before shooting began, as the gloss deteriorates the makeup underneath quickly. For Lingling’s looks, inspiration began from the wardrobe styling, and paired with razor sharp eyebrows accompanied by bold winged eyeliner to really make her features pop on camera. Lingling was a talented chameleon in modeling many different looks, by changing up the lip and eye colors, and wetting her hair for a wild, edgy look. Amy added gold leaf to Leah’s glossy black lip color to add an air of decadence. After seeing how wonderful the black and gold contrasted with one another, the team thought it would be fun and silly to throw in a giant pair of sunglasses. The result was what we think would be a fantastic music album cover!

For this shoot, I borrowed two new lights that I haven’t worked with yet – the ring light and Westcott light. Those were my additional sources. Mostly I was using, as I call it, my beloved beauty dish. I used my one and only dynamic camera- Nikon D3100 with its standard 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S Nikkor Zoom Lens.

Of course, the biggest inspiration would be the love and passion of a true artist. The idea to create this editorial came up suddenly, and then the rest of the process continued like a chain reaction. The whole creative team gathered in my small apartment studio and everyone contributed their talents to this marvelous project. As it mostly happens in my creative work, I plan and envision one thing, then during the shoot we mix things up a bit which allows us to achieve a uniquely fantastic result. The most satisfying and rewarding part of the work is seeing everyone’s ideas come together and brought to life in the images.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tetyana McGowan Photography https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tetyana-Mcgowan-Photography/391110014366054?ref=br_rs
MODEL (1): Lingling Chen https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lingling-Chen-Model-Actress/647829038606293
MODEL (2): Leah Turner – http://www.leahyi.com/
MUA: Amy Nicole Lewis – http://makeupbyamylewis.com/
JEWELRY/ACCESSORY DESIGNER: Larisa Rubel (Laura Mazur) – http://www.lauramazurdesigns.com/