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Fashion Editorial – Velvet Daze

Fashion Editorial – Velvet Daze


Photographer, makeup, and styling: Bessie Secor www.bessiesecor.com
Model: Lucia Pellizzaro
Hair styling: Salone Lina e Simone (Chiampo)
Clothing: roses bodysuit and black top Intimissimi; velvet shorts Zara; velvet gold pants Shana; pink sweater Forever21; Leather Jacket H&M; Tulle skirt Dani; sandals Zara; shoes Guess.
Lyric: Cleo M. Danieli

Feeble is the line between what’s visible and what’s not. And the real fun is to catch precisely that, the edge of the unclear. Rough is the gaze of my porcelain muse, pale her skin that recalls untold stories. Her golden hair spread a light against the vacuum, her rust-colored makeup takes the glance of her eyes through the picture, alive. Soft as a whisper, the tulle skirt. Loud as a scream, her black jacket.

She’s in the limbo, in the moment of beauty. That time when desires are older than you are, and permission is stolen, not asked for. You can see her as a fairy who wears something tough not to reveal her identity: high heels in high illusions. She wants to grow up, evolves into the woman she will be. The sprout, the promise of that it’s hidden on the inside. Can you perceive it? Braids of Pollyanna glide on the lace-covered shoulders of a girl who looks at me in a way I can’t interpret, nor I want to. I am the audience and the hunter. I shoot my bullet to stop her forever in this instant of fragile strength.

Velvety as a curtain that opens only for the ones that can taste the ephemeral candor of the present, the fabric she wears will someday fall off to leave her naked in front of herself. Will she become a butterfly? Will she be pleased? I’d love to go against this wicked machinery, that’s what I adore: capturing in a blink of my eyelid the multifaceted and precious creatures. “