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Fashion Editorial: Unique Mystique

Fashion Editorial: Unique Mystique


Nina Pak works with photography, painting, and mixed media artworks. By emphasizing aesthetics, Pak seduces the viewer into a world of bright and joyful moments full of hidden nuance, an interval in time, that articulates the poetic meaning in our lives.

Her photos appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet. The surreal, dream-memory, history and myth always play a key role. Her works sometimes radiate a darkly strange otherness, at times a disconcerting beauty with inherent visual seductiveness.

She creates images through labor-intensive processes blending many layers in her post edit practice to create an image with depth and often strangely unique backgrounds. The layers she uses in Photoshop are often created in her painting studio, or are textural elements from her vast personal stock library. Her works are repeatedly classified as part of the new romantic movement due to influences from classical masters of painting.

Where many photographers will remove blemishes, wrinkles, and scars, Pak takes her editing process to another level, treating each image as an individual labor of love, with the intent to bring out the beauty of her model, dropping in backgrounds for studio shots or adding textural layers are a last step in the process.

For Unique Mystique Pak collaborated with Vancouver-based designer Skye Davies INC. Davies has a remarkable talent for color blending, she creates all her own fabric designs using natural dyes and various techniques of folding, clamping or tying the fabrics before adding pigmentation. This produces is a rich blend of color and pattern that is in some ways reminiscent of the sixties tie-dye generation, but is so much more sophisticated.

In addition to making this fabulous apparel as one of a kind wearable art, Davies ventured into the construction of her own accessories line. Using a technique which incorporates her fabric scraps she fashions extravagant long chains of beads made of wrapped objects, mixed with glass and semiprecious stones, these creations become ornate many layered chains mixed with found recycled objects. A style, entirely characteristic of her brilliance. In much the same way she uses fabric scraps to manufacture elaborate headpieces and fascinators to match her outfits. The total effect is both joyful and elegant.

Vancouver is a city where many young people strive to take part in the entertainment arts and film industry. Many of the models Pak shoots for her editorials also work as actors and performers. Vancouver being a particularly advantageous location for anyone interested in the film industry, it is an easy transition from modeling to the performance arts.

As well as being a photographer, she gets completely involved in the process of casting and producing the shoots, at times she also does the hair and wardrobe styling, and set design. On the whole, she prefers to work with various industry professionals who enjoy the opportunity to do something creative. There is a great deal of magic that goes on when you build a team of such talented stylists, designers, models or actors.

The stylists for this creative shoot, Isabelle Pan, and Ting Yang, have worked with Pak on several occasions. They are known for their creative work with color and for their ability to think outside the box. Pak prefers the use of color, with an Avant Gaurd edge, mixed with a soft romantic shimmering beauty. These two stylists seem to always pull it off with style.


Photographer by Nina Pak
Photography Assistant Tom Gould
Designer (clothing, headpieces, jewelry): Skye Davies
Models: Audrey Hipturn, Claire Robinson, Eva Butterly (Julie Kay Talent)
Makeup and Hair: Isabelle Pan and Ting Yang