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Fashion Editorial – Undeniable Fashion


My name is Dominika Witos, I am 17 years old and I come from Poland. I have been interested in photography for over three years and practiced it regularly. In my photographs, I target mainly people. Since I can remember I have loved working, and thus be connecting with other people, especially when we are able to share our mutual interests, passion and hard work in order to achieve the best possible results. Photography has always been a part of my everyday life, as I spent my days dreaming about improving my skills in this area through conducting various photo shoots and therefore connecting with others. I have found everything, even mildly linked to photography, incredibly fascinating, which was the reason for my decision to begin developing myself in the area of life I love the most.

Every day I attempt to fulfill my deepest photography-related dreams through doing countless photo shoots, which bring me a step closer to achieving my goal. The incredible people I have a chance to work with aid me in paving a path to a photographically excellence. Ever since I began to introduce not only more hard work but also passion into what I am doing, I have started to notice enormous improvements, which is what I have always desired the most. I seek inspiration for my photographs in various magazines or in the works of others, but what is most important is my sole imagination which aids me in a creation of photographs. My name is Patrycja Bogunia, I am eighteen years old, and I am from Poland. I cooperate with Dominika for two years. My passion is fashion, following trends, and keeping up with everything that happens in the fashion industry – that is why I decide to run my own blog.

It is in a rather embryonic stage, yet it is extremely precious for me. When I was in middle school I started to track the world fashion bloggers, in whose outfits I saw a deeper ‘’message’’. These women weren’t for me just a ‘’style bloggers’’, but an individual’s aware of their positive traits, body, and above all, they seemed to be charismatic, which was visible by their clothing or mimic. The thing that fascinates me the most about fashion is its periodicity, the fact that the trends repeat over some intervals of time and the people, who live in different reality right now, feel good in clothes from the 90s – for instance. Since I started to run my blog, I have met a lot of creative people, who are inspiring me to take up an action and be a better version of myself every day. Our cooperation began over two years ago when managed to foster a mutual connection based on our desire to fulfill our dreams as well as hard work, which we owe various achievements to.

We have created photos featuring clothes made by famous Polish fashion designers such as Piotr Kupisz, Paprocki&Brzozowski, Eva Minge Femestage, which all led to the publication of the fruits of our labor in the 2B Style magazine. Both of these photoshoots were inspired by street fashion photographs and world famous bloggers. Despite the prevailing weather conditions, which proved to be an enormous obstacle, the thought of giving up has never even crossed our minds and we continued our work doing our best to create the best possible takes.

For this photoshoot, I have chosen Patrycja Bogunia, as in my opinion both her appearance as well as her personality truly match high-fashion-style photographs. Through our works, we deeply desire to encourage the women of our city and beyond to express themselves creatively and follow their dreams in spite of sometimes unfavorable opinions of others. On some occasions our work has not been appreciated by the audience; however, these events have only strengthened our motivation to achieve self-actualization, enabling us to enjoy the rising number of the publication of our creations. We work mainly with individuals, but we attempt not to put any restrictions on our creativity through limiting ourselves in targeting only one type of people.

Our photographs may appear shocking and sometimes even controversial to certain social groups; however, we embrace the critique as we try to depict strong, independent women while doing what we truly love. In each other’s company, we feel at home, what fuels our motivation to work and create art. The atmosphere among us has always been incredible, as thanks to our shared passion we have encountered countless hilarious adventures.

We value our every photo shoot equally, as every photograph not only gives us the opportunity to depict the beauty of the moments present in people’s everyday lives but also gives us the power to capture them and thus creatively play with time. Nowadays most people believe that high fashion photographs are simply vain and lack deeper meaning so we adopted it as our main target to prove them wrong. For us, every photograph depicts a unique story of a person presented on it, who has their own memories and experiences and who is conscious about their sole existence and the needs they want to fulfill. We believe that our work will not go unnoticed, making a difference in today’s world, so we still put a strong emphasis on our development the chase after our dreams.

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FASHION EDITORIAL – Undeniable Fashion

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