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Fashion Editorial: Uncanny

Fashion Editorial: Uncanny



Photographer: Jason Chang
Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: ANESSA LONDON
Female Model: Anna-lisa Christiane
Fashion Designer: Justin Ford

The inspiration behind this piece was both complex and simple at the same time. It’s odd how both can be in conjunction with one another, but to understand it you must almost have to be a creative yourself. The idea behind this one piece as well as the whole collection was to allow the wearer and audience to understand a new breed of people. The person that I envisioned to wear this piece was not someone who gets up in the morning feeling their greatest, grabs coffee and is off to work in the “fast track” lane. I intended it for the people who need oxycodone and espresso to function, drive a Honda, find rest a luxury, and don’t bother with daily rituals. Just as a business shark wears his suit the scorned woman wears her Furfante dress and looks great doing it.

Essentially I wanted a very dark yet comfortable and elegant look. I wanted the piece to reflect the wearer as if they were comfortable in their own malevolence. In tangent to that, I believe everything should be done with a certain elegance, an elegance that can even lie within someone’s gait. Beauty does lie in simplicity; so for that, I made this very simple dress. As you get to see and appreciate the dress for what it is, you almost forget the dress is completely black. The dress develops a cute shape and fun personality of its own. The black leather brocade straps provide the wearer with support and artistic impression, while the polyester blend skirt compliments the model’s shape with its own. Together the ensemble is only complete when worn. As a designer, I truly did enjoy creating the piece as much as seeing it come into reality. I pray that Furfante becomes a brand that people of all walks of life may come to enjoy.

The one, singular Filmmaker, who had made a deep impact on me with his career, prior to the year 2000, is none other than the revolutionary, controversial but perfectionistic, Mr. Stanley Kubrick.

His most powerful visual film image that first had an unforgettable, profound impression upon me was when, for the very first time, I saw “ 2001, Space Odyssey ”. A visually-stunning Science-Fiction Masterpiece that was filmed by Kubrick, way back in 1968, when movie special effects were crude and primitive. However, he was able to achieve authentic, realistic montage of Futuristic Space Travel of 2001. This speaks volume of this Filmmaker, that is uniquely Stanley Kubrick.

But even way before that in 1960, Kubrick, in a totally opposite direction, had pioneered the realistic portrayal of ancient human fight scenes in his first Major Hollywood Directorial Debut, in the Movie “Spartacus”, when watching the film, I emotionally felt the brutal physical combat of the Gladiators in ancient Roman Empire, fighting for their survival. The realistic, authentic fight scenes made me drew the comparison with those that were filmed of late “Bruce Lee”, a real martial artist who exhibited his own brand of authentic physical human combat style, much later in the early 1970s.

LOOK1 – Black leather one piece, Designer – Singles
LOOK2 – Orange Dress and Gold Belt, Designer – Fashion Forward
LOOK3 – Black and white piece, Designer – lvan Bitton