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Fashion Editorial: Svie

Fashion Editorial: Svie


Photographer – Katarzyna Niwińska www.facebook.com/KatherineAnnePhotography
Costumes – Natalia Woźniak http://wozniaknatalia.wix.com/wozniak
Make Up – Anna Kołodziejczyk Dream Factory https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anna-Kołodziejczyk-Make-Up-Artist/117960818398770
Model – Daniela Ziemian
Model (black & white) – Magdalena Zawiła
Assistant – Nika Zawiła

The author about her collection:

The presented collection is a journey between virtual world and reality, which we directly encounter. Stratified minimalism and the clash of forms with the fabric of texture formed plastic reality. The main target is the impact on the recipient, excitation of feelings and emotions.

These projects are not intended to be worn every day. Each of the costumes was made in only one copy. The technique does not permit to predict the end effect, because there are new ideas coming in the progress and different solutions. I’m creating new structures which are almost developing on the body. My costumes are made of copyrighted structures.

Techniques for creating projects are the result of many experiments with different fabrics, materials, paints and plastics. They are based of my own patents and experiments.  In designing these costumes, I want to touch the world of the mysterious, metaphysical, and enigmatic.

On the wave of Natalia Woźniak’s ideas, Katarzyna Niwińska created photographic cycle, a story about two mysterious creatures which suddenly come to an unidentified place.  This idea has come to Katarzyna when she saw for the first time the projects of Natalia, because the futuristic shapes of the costumes have let to create something different and otherworldly.

The women – creatures lost at the firs moment, soon find themselves in a new situation. Everything was deliberately invented. There’s minimalism on the shoot, play of light and darkness and a play of colors – green violet, yellow etc. Virtually no equipment was used besides some parts of machinery on the walls, because the session was done deliberately in an old closed factory.

The models on the shoot, Daniela Ziemian and Magdalena Zawiła have been specially chosen to play the Svie characters. Sensational make up in black and deep vine colors were made by our master Anna Kołodziejczyk from Dream Factory. Dark lips and eyes are emphasizing the mystery of the dark form. Our make up inspiration was the characterization of the Vampire lover of Barnabas Collins from Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”. Upswept hair combined with the makeup gave the impression of the unreality of Svie, and this effect seems more unreal and fairy.

Katarzyna Niwińska – a photographer, living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Cracow, Poland is working as a fashion photographer. In her art, she’s trying to get an unconventional image of the subject, inspired by music (especially from film sound tracks) and also the history of art. Every photo shoot it’s a new adventure and a challenge to create something beautiful and unique. In most cases, she is preparing special stenography and elements of stylization of shoots with her own hands, always taking care to fit the photographed projects together to form one cohesive story. She’s publishing her art in European and American magazines.

What creatures are living in the dark? Who they are? What do they look like?
This history comes from the s-f and fantasy world.
What is Svie? This name comes from the Norwegian and it means a sting. Would you like to ask why such a name?
The costumes are made from tens of dark, sparkling triangles.
Svie are the creatures which seem to be delicate and brittle, but in reality they are strong and powerful. Do they come from our imagination? An alien planet? We don’t know…jet…
We are looking for it in strange rooms. Tubing and cables in the walls, dark corners and some mess on the floor. We don’t know what the place in which we are is, but we can soon see, that the creatures after some initial confusion subordinate the environment very fast.
On one side we can see light and on the other – darkness. We don’t know where It is coming from, but we are curious, as we know only two of the creatures – two Svie.

The photoshoot was planned in detail as the costumes were made by a young, talented fashion designer from Poland, Natalia Woźniak.