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Fashion Editorial – Strong Wind

Fashion Editorial – Strong Wind


Photographer | Gina Scarfogliero
Site: https://500px.com/sassenach26
Instagram: @ginascarfogliero

Model | Roberta Dalloway

Fashion Stylist | Silvia Campagna
Site: http://silviacampagna.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silviacampagnastylist
Instagram: @silvia.campagna

Make-up Artist | Elisa Mancini
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elisa-Mancini-Make-Up-Artist-1636305683351330/?fref=ts
Instagram: @elisamancinimakeup

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men.” (Joseph Conrad)

When we thought of this shooting we wanted our model to represent a strong but at the same time very solitary woman. She walks on her way on her own, she is in close contact with the surrounding nature, the earth, and the elements around her accompany her in her long journey. She is able to feel alive when the nature around her takes over, but at the same time, she is melancholic because no human being is with her to support her and protect her. Somehow, we wanted to describe a long journey of a nomad in an unknown land where everything elevates the spirit and makes the wanderer mature, a bit like a homeless nomad. It is exactly this gypsy spirit that we described in the outfits, staying in close contact with the colors of the chosen location, like the colors of the sea and of the sand. We mainly used brown-toned colors, but also white and sky-blue to represent the sky and aquamarine to represent the sea. To describe her strong bond to the earth we used a large quantity of stone-made and copper jewels. We chose a bare location to keep the focus on the model.

Her hair was let down gradually during the shooting to emphasize the passing of time that determines her long journey. The theme we used is Boho-Chic, which recalls vintage in the selection of the simple-but-with-character clothing, just like the woman we wanted to portray in our shooting. A style that recalls retro but always up with the times, outfits that you can wear every day. Our biggest sources of inspiration were the great women, who marked the various eras of fashion, women like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss but also more recently the Olsen sisters and hundreds of other VIPs, models, bloggers and rock stars’ ex-flames launched Boho-Chic fashion, which flooded the planet with fringes and down-to-the-feet dresses.

It is not merely a 70s revival, but a true mix of hippy, gypsy and bohemian style which requires taste and extreme care for details. This style is an evergreen, as the outfits flaunted during the Californian Coachella Festival demonstrate. Besides, it never excludes any type of vintage clothes we may find in our parents’ closets with no chance of seeming ridiculous, therefore a humble but looked after style. The Boho-Chic style, in which “Boho” stands for an abbreviation of “Bohème” and is connected to the French adjective “Chic” to suggest a strong and firm exception to the contrast between unusual, casual and catwalk fashion. This style contemplates the harmony among obvious contrasts and it is imperative that every space is born by the life of the individual and his personal story. Therefore, there will be no free spaces, neither visual nor physical, and the absolute freedom must be the “non-rule”. Furniture, fabrics, plants, lamps, everything has to take back to the daily life, either past or developing present. The only “rule”, if we can call it that, is the absolute uniqueness that the Boho-Chic style must express in every setting.

Hence handmade items become essential, be that a blanket, or curtains, or a portrait, or a creation. Handmade gives a sense of uniqueness, like the bracelets used in our shooting. The bohemian style was born in the 19th century. It contained the nonconformist spirit of painters, actors, artists and musicians, who deliberately lived an existence far away from social customs, searching for an expressive freedom beyond models and rules.