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Fashion Editorial: In the streets of Cannes

Fashion Editorial: In the streets of Cannes


This editorial is a story about the dresses, the jewelry and of course the beauty of the models that bring these pieces together. About how a stunning dress can change who you are that day, change where you are going that day and who you might meet that day. Being in Cannes did not make it hard to feel this way, everyday you were going somewhere different, meeting someone different and maybe growing into someone different. So that is why I decided to capture this feeling.

This was the second time I traveled with Melany Rowe to France, first time being Paris, and every time was like being in a dream! Walking down each street is a photographer’s playground. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place, and so was perfectly fitting for the editorial at hand. We also had the pleasure of working with the up and coming shoe designer Vincent Botessi. Vincent and Melany partied up for the whole of Cannes Fashion Shopping festival, with both their styles merging harmoniously.

Coming from Canada, when starting this editorial I wanted to make sure you could see we were in an exotic place. Almost as though these girls were lost in paradise, but in the most glamorous way! The location that we found was right downtown Cannes, across from the legendary Palais des Festivals. As you can imagine, it wasn’t hard finding a place to shoot in Cannes, with all the luxurious and historic beauty that is this wonderful city. The hardest part was choosing which location to start at! Also being there in the spring time made a lot of the shooting day’s weather dependent but when we had the beautiful grey skies to work with is what gave this editorial that deep and mysterious feel that I loved so much! A lot of Melany’s inspiration comes from the old school Hollywood and the 1920’s so being there it was not hard to imagine what it could have been like during that era and what also made Melany’s dresses fit right in.

Since Melany Rowe has a very dreamy and romantic collection I wanted to add some contrast to it, that I why I chose the cactus, stone wall and palm trees. I feel it gave an original take on the dresses, made them not only dreamy and beautiful, but dark and edgy as well.

Melany talks a lot about old Hollywood star glamour, lots of 1920’s inspiration so we decided to create makeup and hair very classic but with a modern feel to it. Some models with more of the classic hair and some more with the edgy feel. To show which ways Melany’s dresses could go. Every girl that walked through the streets made the wave of people part as we went to our newest location. An ode to the beautiful masterwork and perfection of the pieces and the models that brought them to life.

Melany’s dress’ are not only dress’ but also artwork. They are masterpieces that you can wear and from talking with Melany a piece of her soul. I have been super lucky to have been able to shoot so many pieces from her collection, not once but twice and as a photographer having collections like Melany’s to work with, is not only inspirational but I believe makes me better at my job. As a photographer working in places and with people like this not only challenges me but also brings out some of my best work. During this editorial journey I hope you can see the beauty that I saw on this day and that it is brought to life again through these photos.

Photographer: Jordie Hennigar – The House of Road Photography
Designer: Melany Rowe Designs with Sandy Woodhead
Models: Mckenzie Johnson, Kim Poholka (Numa Models) , Lauren Greaves, Nicole Wynn, Danielle Muntain, Marissa Hanley
Makeup + Hair : Karissa Brynn Makeup + JM Manangan-Ronquillo + Shauna L Wheeler (Anela Salon )
Stylist: Danielle Muntain https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stylista-Daniella-Fashion-Stylist/558379437536052
Agency: M&D Agency – www.facebook.com/pages/MD-Agency/356753414459814