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Fashion Editorial: Spring Breeze

Fashion Editorial: Spring Breeze


Photographer/Makeup Artist/Hair/Stylist/Hat designer: Maria Curcic www.mariacurcic.com

Model: Stefanie Kimmitt
Makeup credits:
Primer – Smashbox
Foundation – Urban Decay
Concealer – Urban Decay
Contour – NYX
Blush – Christian Dior
Eyeshadow base – Urban Decay
Eyeliner – NYX
Mascara – Christian Dior
Lips: Christian Dior
Eyeshadow: NYX

All headpieces by Maria Curcic Millinery
Green top Vince Camuto, floral pants by INC International Concepts
Pink top by Halston
White blouse with lace by INC International Concepts
Black and white dress by Vince Camuto
Black jacket by Guess, sheer embroidered top by Zara clothing
Red and black striped dress by Papillon beaded stole by Ever New
Blue dress by K. Derby
Blue dress by K. Derby
Watercolor dress by IMNYC Isaac Mizrahi
White Tulip sheer dress Lori M collection

As a multi-disciplinary artist, my work is meant to entertain the viewer’s senses. Not only do I enjoy experimenting with color and texture, the raw materials are often the source of ideas for a finished product. A swatch of rough burlap can inspire a headpiece, as can a butterfly’s wing or a piece of vintage trim. I aspire to infuse a sense of wonder and curiosity in my work while respecting the principles of color and spatial composition.

I am an artist. A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, my major was drawing but I was very fond of abstract painting in Art College, with an architectural influence. My mediums include oil and acrylics on canvas and in the last 20 plus years, textiles. A few years ago I pursued a professional makeup course so that I could carry my artistic ideas onto my new canvas models. I received my makeup certificate and decided to work with various photographers to do “simple” makeup. Now, shooting my own images allows me to explore all possibilities of creativity in these mediums. The model becomes my canvas.

I am a milliner. I have been making hats and headpieces for over 20 years. The editorial process allows me to expand my creative boundaries into the range of pushing my ideas in photography. Even abstract creations are more pleasing to the eye when they respect fundamental design rules.

I am a DJ. In music, one discovers beats and rhythms that blend and intertwine to create their own composition, their own work of art. Similarly, swaths of fabric, imaginative headdresses, and creative makeup combine to create a symphony of sensations for the viewer.

Early in my career, I modeled for hair shows and makeup shows. Now as an artist I am trying to push boundaries with design and create works beyond the norm. I believe exploring possibilities in all that one does is what makes a true artist. I create all my headpieces as well as all the styling, makeup, and photography.

When choosing models I seek a look that captures the essence of each project. I look for models with personality, explain my vision and then trust the model to give me expressions that complement my ideas. Playfulness is the key.

I use various makeup to enhance the impact of my designs. I photograph the finished product using professional lighting techniques to enhance the outcome. I enjoyed us-ing various backdrops to give the viewer a feel of my vision, the vision of Spring. These include everything from my own paintings ( www.mariacurcic.ca) to a collection of materials and wallpapers.

All the headpieces are inspired by Spring. Everything about Spring is amazing, from the pollinators to the plants. It is an explosion of life and something I wanted to celebrate with this editorial, “ Spring Breeze”.
The clothing reflects abstractions of nature. In one image the model is wearing a sheer top with an embroidered bird on it. Some of the outfits are simple designs to not take away from the headpieces but to tie in with the colors and materials.

Like a “Spring Breeze”, the flowing fabrics and floral inspired headpieces invigorate our senses.

Fashion Editorial - Spring Breeze1


Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
Additional Prints $10 Each