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Fashion Editorial: Solitude

Fashion Editorial: Solitude


White Jacket: Forever 21, Jewelry: Forever 21, Army Green Pants: H&M, Navy Blue Pants: H&M, Pink Leather Jacket: ShopStyle


Photographer: Michael Suber
Model: Chaz Hopkins
Photo Assistant: Michael Chaney
Designer: Michael Suber
Makeup Artist + Hair: Liliana Gual

To be considered an artist gives me the capability to know where I stand in life. Being that one person who could change the way that a viewer’s eye looks at an image, painting, sculpture etc. is a goal in which I am embracing. I don’t place myself in a particular category such as photography, painting or stencil, I simply refer to myself as an artist. You can say that, yes that is a broad statement because it is essentially because an artist works with many forms and various techniques. We all have our way of approaching an artwork before we get started, we all have our opinions on what the meaning of artist is. In my educated mind, when I hear the word artist I think of someone who has the ability to work with a variety of mediums. The reason I say that is because art is many forms and artist is saying you work with those many forms of art to create or design a piece or series of images, painting, sculptures etc. If someone comes up to you and ask if you’re an artist, some people would say yes and others would say “no, I am”. With that being said, I am going to tell you that I am an artist who works with various mediums to illustrate my visions.

This editorial is based off of many different artists who have been discovered for their paintings, abstract positioning and lighting of the human figure. Sally Mann, one of the greatest photographers who has played a big role in in my editorial that you see. The dramatic lighting and lack of expressions just brings you in. The lighting and positioning of the figure determines the emotion of the image. Jen Mann, a very well-known painter who uses various colors to emphasize emotion and the feeling of being in the moment thinking about yourself and showing one’s self in a completely abstract way. Brandie Raasch, an outstanding fashion photographer who illustrates all of the characteristics listed above. Fashion moves to music too. So for the fall collections in stores now, designers sampled pop-music imagery that spans decades, genres and locales. So we’ve dedicated our fashion editorial to looks inspired by music style archetypes: hippie, glam rocker, soft and sweet. So we took all of that and combined them all to form this editorial which you see now.