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Fashion Editorial: Softly

Fashion Editorial: Softly


Hair And Makeup By Bev Esquivel
Wardrobe stylist: Kiki Khan
Dresses: PRIN by Prina Bagia
Location: SilverSmith Hotel Chicago, IL
Photography by Adrienne Asbell of Moments By A

An up and coming artist, Adrienne Asbell, a predominately self taught portrait photographer is what others call an edgy style of photography that is bold, colorful and creative using all the beauty that surrounds us. I find inspiration everywhere and gravitate to the lost and forgotten abandoned places in the world. But I’m what you a photography enthusiast! I’ve always been drawn to pictures. There’s just something about the amalgam of colors, shapes, faces and light coming together in perfect harmony that I find irrevocably fascinating.

I’ve always believed that the best photos are those that are hard to look away from. The kinds that catch your eye and make you want to study every tiny pixel. And when you think you’ve seen it all, you have to look back just once more to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Those are the kinds of photos I strive to take every single da. I want to capture photos that are engaging, compelling and worthy of displaying proudly in your portfolio or home!

What I mostly love photographing, though, are people. Whether it is a beautiful engaged couple, to a dancer to working with models in their careers. People are so interesting and I love capturing their spirit on film; my goal is convey their feelings, thoughts and emotions and preserve them forever in a photograph.

I am internationally published photographer. I have been recently published in several print and online magazines to include Beau NU magazine, Aspira, Below, VS Chicago, VintEDGE, M & M Modeling Magazine, Imperial, Gothtesque, Tenebrous, to name a few. See my website at www.momentsbya.com for more info!

My inherent fascination and appetite for portrait and fashion photography. Let me share my passion with you, won’t you?

This editorial showcases a beautiful softly bridal fashion featuring the gorgeous models Katie Michelle and Lauren Ashley in the newly renovated modern style Silversmith Hotel in Chicago. The girls grace us in stunning one of a kind dresses by Prin By Prina Bagia and styled by Kiki Khan. The soft colors and modern setting sets the mood for this editorial. The elegant and gorgeous makeup done By Bev Esquivel captured in tones of pink and airy to each image… The dramatic full astonishing dress we were able to have fun and play with some unique images. With an amazing team and self taught photographer, Adrienne Asbell of Moments By A, we brought this fashion editorial to a fun yet conceptual spirit that leaves your breathless in their beauty!

Models: Katie Michelle & Lauren Ashley (blonde)