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Fashion Editorial: Smoother Operator

Fashion Editorial: Smoother Operator


LOOK 1– Left: Cut-out Top by XOXO, Faux Leather Pants by Hera Collection, Faux Fur Vest by Orange, Right–Cut-out Top by XOXO, Faux Leather Pants by Hera Collection, Faux Fur Vest by Orange, Heels by Dollhouse

LOOK 2 – Left: Box Shirt by Worthington, Print Sleeveless Top by Hera Collection Trousers by Theory, Hexagon Coat by YANGieNY, Heels by Dollhouse
Right-Organza High-Low Top by YANGieNY, Suit Vest by YANGieNY, Printed Leggings by Hera Collection, Heels by Dollhouse

LOOK 3 – Left-Hounds tooth Sweater by Hera Collection, Sweat Pants by Hera Collection, Heels by Dollhouse, Right-Lamb Leather Top by YANGieNY, Faux Fur Vest by XOXO, Quilted Pants by Orange, Shoes by Michael Antonio

LOOK 4 – Left-Dress by XOXO, Bitchie Booties by I Heart, Right-Dress by XOXO

LOOK 5 – Left-Alpaca knitted top by YANGieNY, Bitchie Booties by I Heart, Right-Faux Fur Vest by Orange

LOOK 6 – Left-Wool Ruffle Jacket by YANGieNY, Pencil Skirt by Worthington, Shoes by Michael Antonio, right-Signature Ribbon Wool Jacket by YANGieNY. Snake Skin Boots by Michael Antonio

Our lovely fashion editorial was inspired by the current fall/winter trends in black and white but the strong statement of sexiness, boldness and sophistication in black and white. I love opposites. My team and I have a great time playing with roles, set-ups and contrasts. And what better way than with black and white clothing? I wanted the model to play off the clothes like multiple personalities. Much more fun than day and night genre. My model Alexandra played with being a sexy kitty, strong business woman and the cool downtown chick.

Our photo shoot took place in downtown Brooklyn. The photo studio is in one of the last industrial parts of Brooklyn. Stark, bold and edgy-just like our clothing! What better inspiration? I made sure I used every part of the big photo studio. We kinda took over the space. The studio owner caught me standing on his furniture a few times-I could not help myself-I like a different angle for my photo shoots! Our make-up person Alsana was very attentive and worked very hard. Joshua, our hair person, filled us in on his recent life decisions and dreams. Angelina, our fashion stylist, was focused and brought a ton of options to choose from. Alexandra, our model, was from Poland. New to the modeling world, she talked about Poland very little and was most interested in our fashion stories. I moved around alot and photographed like mad. We worked together as a team-which is not always the case on a photo shoot. We created a world of contrasts, poses, attitudes and sexiness. Job well done.


  • Photographer-Lisa Ramsay www.lisaramsayphotography.com
  • Fashion Stylist-Angelina Scantlebury
  • Hair-Joshua Calderon
  • Make-up-Alsana Abayev
  • Model-Alexsandra Ziomki, RED Model Management