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Fashion Editorial: Shades of summer

Fashion Editorial: Shades of summer


Model: Kelsey
Make-up: Elena Ismail
Hairstyle: Aaron Brousseau
Stylist: Eve Obayoriade
Photo and Edit: Kenneth Kwok

Look 1: Playsuit : 8th + Main, Rosegold Heels: TOPSHOP, Necklace : 8th + Main
Look 2:Top: TOPSHOP, Shorts: TOPSHOP, Necklace: TOPSHOP, Blue Heels: TOPSHOP
Look 3:Top: 8th + Main, Shorts : 8th + Main, Necklace : 8th + Main, Rosegold Heels: TOPSHOP

There is nothing more beautiful than the first sunset of summer. The shadows of the soft leafy trees spread amongst the luminescent glow of the sun create a dreamy, romantic mood. This is the mood we tried to recreate in our photo shoot. Experimenting with light and shadows helped to portray a sense of mystery in each photo.

We chose small, hidden industrial locations because of the uniquely shaped objects surrounding the sites. The old, run down appearance of each location is reminiscent of pictures one might see in an old story book.

The clothes however were modernly style, to create contrast. Shorts and crop tops dressed up by delicate high heels were carefully selected by our stylist. We wanted to keep the clothing trendy, but unique. Even though the clothes were light and summery, we decided to go with a more dramatic makeup look. The red lip and bronze Smokey eye created a grunge effect. A subtle highlight and contour around the cheekbones added depth and warmth to the face and created a beautiful sun kissed glow. The hair was styled as a blow out with extra volume. Aaron teased and curled each section of hair in order to achieve the blonde bombshell look.