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Fashion Editorial: Shades of Spring

Fashion Editorial: Shades of Spring


Shades are part of our lives no matter where we are and no matter what we’re doing. Shades bring out or hide certain situations in life and they can bring clarification or complicate destinies or opinions. Without shades we wouldn’t have doubts or certainties. Without shades we wouldn’t be excited about light. Without shades everything would be like a white sheet of paper. It is shades that carry a difficult fight with light every spring. It’s as if the clouds are unmovable by wind, as if rain is unconvinced by the sun’s rays, and as if the earth wouldn’t know if it’s time to change its brown and gloomy coat with a full of color one.

This power of the shades brought us to conceive a fashion editorial where we mixed the flowery textures with graph-isms and the new chromatic tendencies with vintage elements. The challenge was initiated by photographer Alex Neagu, a young man of only 16 years of age whose original concept, ambition and energy convinced an entire team to join efforts. Alex is passionate about photography since childhood. He started by photographing elements from nature, and then discovered the universe of light and shade on human bodies. He quickly transitioned to portrait and reportage photography while convincing numerous people to allow their emotions to be captured by his camera lens. In parallel with field work, Alex took a series of photography courses by well-known Romanian photographers in order to develop his professional level.

As a teenager, Alex Neagu, got closer and closer to fashion photography. In the first phase, he convinced his high-school girl friends to be his model subjects and then, step-by-step, various modeling agencies in Bucharest started offering him opportunities to express his craft on more professional models. His work is now included in certain portfolios on the websites of a few major modeling agencies around the world. Stylist Bianca Berchez, bought into Alex Neagu’s concept on shades and brought her craftsmanship to this editorial. Bianca studied philosophy at the University of Bucharest and took courses in management of media institutions as well as television courses. Her love for fashion lead her to work in this field and for years now, she signs off on fashion editorials for a well-known fashion and lifestyle magazine in Romania. She also collaborates with a local brand of accessories by helping the owners chose the most sell-able collections.

The main specialist in colors and shades, who reinforced the team for this fashion editorial, is Inna Lupu. Inna doesn’t remember when she first touched a makeup brush since her passion for makeup artistry also started during her childhood years. She is young, energetic, positive and when it comes to shades, she owns it while combining exactly what is needed for an implacable result. For a number of years now, Inna collaborates with one of the biggest chains of beauty salons in Romania. She recently won the “Best Makeup Award” at the Estetica Awards Gala. Inna’s work has been published in various beauty and fashion magazines in Romania and numerous countries around the world.

“Shades of Spring” was photographed at MUR media & management’s studio in Bucharest, Romania. The company specializes in model management and photography services. Since 2014, the company produces fashion editorials and which were published in various local and international fashion magazines. We hope that we removed any “shade” about our fashion editorial and that the images here will take you on a pleasant cruise around the colors of this capricious spring.


  • Production: MUR media & management
  • Photo & retouching: Alex Neagu
  • Model: Maria – MUR model management
  • Styling: Bianca Berchez
  • Make-up & Hair style: Inna Lupu
  • Written: Valentina Ionescu – Costache