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Fashion Editorial – SAFE LAND

Fashion Editorial – SAFE LAND


Photographer: Thomas H P Jerusalem, MUTE Photography
Model: Leilani Valentine

Wardrobe Credits:
Top: Classiques Entier, Pants: Joe B, Dress: Halogen, Shoes: Jessica Simpson

It had been two weeks since she had last, seen her crew. This time they had ventured out of the safe land for food and provisions. Sheíd has been there far longer than expected. How much longer would she have to wait for them to come back? Where exactly were they headed? Would they survive this time and come back at all? All of the paranoia and previous losses of people close to her filled her mind with regret. ìDid I make the right choice of voting yes to come here? Valentine asked herself. Every day seemed to get hotter and hotter, as every night became longer and colder. Every night, sleeping with one eye open, she longed for her crew. But someone had to hold down the fort. She decided even if they never came back she would remember what Julian said: ìWe have plenty of food so you should be fine while weíre was gone. If we arenít back by the time it runs out, it means something is wrong. Donít comes looking for us. Move on. As she sadly looked off into the sky sheíd decided she would see this through to the end while hoping for the best.

Fashion Editorial – SAFE LAND

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