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Fashion Editorial: Where Roses Never Die

Fashion Editorial: Where Roses Never Die



Photographer: Gwen Mortimore
Model: Agatha Blanco @ Base Models London
Hair: Nicole Smith
Make-up: Hannah Frances Martin

I am a fashion and fine-art photographer, who graduated from the University of Kent, England in 2011 with a degree in photography and now I work as a freelance photographer in London.

The objective for this editorial was to tell a story that was inspired by fairy tales. Fairy tales have always fascinated me as long as I can remember. But as I got older I realised that the stories take on a different meaning, fairy tales were told to scare children as they often had horrible and scary characters in them. Life isn’t a fairy-tale, and neither is love; love is blind, love is complicated. This fashion editorial is a story about love. The protagonist is a beautiful young woman, who has had her heart broken by her true love. He used to bring her flowers, beautiful red roses every day as a token of his love for her. But one day he left without a word and she were left inconsolable. But she still has hope and she believes that he will return to her. In the photographs she is always depicted holding red roses, the roses give her belief that their love is still alive.

The location for this shoot was set in the grounds of a beautiful Manor house in the Kentish countryside in England. I wanted to use the house as a backdrop but also incorporate some other unique features, such as the hog statue and the large slate table, on which Agatha the model lies. The shoot took place in late August and all the flowers and bushes were still flourishing with colour. The purple leaves were used as a backdrop against the red dress Agatha wears from the designer Jarlo, which made a wonderful contrast of colours. Colour always plays an important part in my work and I am attracted to deep, rich colours.

I styled this shoot myself along with the help from my team. I wanted the clothes to have a slightly gothic feel but also to be glamorous. The make-up was also dark but not too heavy, as I always like the model’s natural beauty to shine through. The hair was big and full bodied to create more of a dramatic look.

I usually spend up to two weeks or even more planning my shoots, and this will include creating mood boards, location scouting, going to charity shops to find props and clothes etc. I think the key to a successful shoot is being well organised, I normally have pages and pages of notes as I like to write down every little detail. Having a good team to work with is also very important and I was lucky on this shoot as my team was all brilliant. Choosing the right model is instrumental to creating a good set of images, you have to visualise how the model will look in the clothes and with her hair and make-up done and in the location you have chosen.

Post production and editing my photographs is probably my favourite part as this is where the images really come to life. I try not to over do it too much when it comes to editing as I don’t like the over airbrushed look. If the model has tattoos or anything else I keep that in the photos as I think it’s important for their personality to come through. I hope you all enjoy this editorial as much as I did create it and thank you Solis Magazine for publishing it.


LOOK 1-2, Dress: Warehouse
LOOK 3, Dress: Vero Moda, Underwear, and shoes: Model’s own
LOOK 4-7, Top and skirt both ASOS. Bra: Model’s own
LOOK 8-15, Dress: Jarlo. Nose-ring: ASOS