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Fashion Editorial: Revival in Dark City

Fashion Editorial: Revival in Dark City


Chairit Parpai has an adoration for fashion photography and still life. He has been in the photography industry for 5 years. For him, photography is about evoking a certain feeling without the need for words. He uses images to develop and tell stories by the emotion that is displayed in his images. He started his journey into photography by taking portraits and of landscapes. When he was 24, he decided to become a fashion photographer, as he thinks the fashion side is more intriguing. Chairit said, “fashion is something that I enjoy, because it is always evolving and that individuals can express themselves through fashion”. Chairtits aesthetic is based on dramatic style, darkness and grunge.

Chairit was born in Thailand in 1984 and has been taking photographs since the age of 17. He went to Australia to study more in depth about photography in 2005 and returned to his career with Thai famous fashion magazine “Dichan”. He’s shot various editorials with brands such as Bally, Mulberry, Kate Spade and Jack Spade, ect. Chairit worked for the magazine for over 3 years, he then decided to move to London to fulfill his ambitions in the fashion industry. Chairit is focusing more on styling within his studies at London College of Fashion as he wants to develop his style and reshape it into the photography side. As he thinks he could be an asset in styling for editorial shoots. He would like to expand his work to various types of fashion brands and magazines.

In this editorial, Chairit collaborated with a unique and creative team. Both stylists, Alexa Chen and Cintia Laina are also students who study Fashion Styling and Photography at LCF. For this particular project they decided to collaborate and play off of each others strengths and unique backgrounds to bring out the strongest results for the editorial. Alexa has worked as a stylist in the fashion industry for the past 2 years in France, Canada and now London. Cintia Laina has been based in London for the past 5 years, she studied a foundation of art and design and went into Fine Art, Photography and Fashion. She then studied Foundation of Fashion Marketing and Styling which got her an outstanding achievement and finally in 2013 she started her first year at LCF. She now works as a stylist at an important underground London brand. For hair, Takuya Uchiyama is an experienced hairstylist from Tokyo. He has worked with numerous online fashion magazines and publications, commercial, champagnes, art books, artist jacket, exhibitions, fashion events, dance events, wedding hair and makeup, ect. For makeup, Hannah Wilson was the makeup artist who is based in London. She has assisted other artist including Lauren Parsons, Andriani Vasiliou and Jennie Roberts on ad campaigns and shoots, most recently for iD magazine. We collaborated with an ex-professional model named Goda Andriunaite who still has a strong passion for the modeling industry.

The fashion editorial is based on emptiness and darkness of an individual with the interaction of the dark city. There is a bad energy and pressure out in the city that builds up an overwhelming feeling within the person that leaves her in a unconscious state. The model represents the different sentiments within this immense feeling. She is in a conflict and doesn’t know which way to turn as she feels overcome by everything around her. The photographer and the stylists have created a story which shows, the revival in the dark city; the power of our minds within an internal battle; and the desire for survival.

The images are influenced by the photographers signature style, which incorporates a dramatic view, grunge and darkness esthetic. The team wanted to capture images with a strong emotional connection, for example, the stylists decided to stick studs on the skin, as a result of the powerful comeback. As for the stylists, Alexa and Cintia provided the collaboration with a global fashion brand SUPERTRASH, and an independent fashion designer, Elena Saraceni that displayed the grunge style.The team interacted in a way that created the exact vision that we had in making it a successful editorial shoot.

_MG_001 jacket by Elena Saraceni
_MG_002 jacket by Elena Saraceni, necklace by vintage, boots by Supertrash
_MG_003 top by Elena Saraceni,
_MG_004 top by Elena Saraceni
_MG_005 No credit
_MG_006 body piece by Supertrash, pant by Elena Saraceni
_MG_007 rings by Supertrash
_MG_008 blazer and pant by Supertrash, gloves and neckless by Vintage
_MG_009 body piece by Supertrash, gloves by Vintage
_MG_010 pant by Supertrash, rings by Supertrash
_MG_011 cape by Elena Saraceni, shoes by Kurt Geiger
_MG_012 belt use as a necklace and skirt by Supertrash, bustier by Vintage
_MG_013 cape by Elena Saraceni, boots by Dr Martens