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Fashion Editorial – Reckless

Fashion Editorial – Reckless


Photographer: Blazej Zalesinski
Photographer: Rafal Moskalewski
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Magdalena Kadzinska
Stylist/Fashion Designer: Orushka
Female Model: Justyna Rajczyk

Routine is not what she likes. Slow life, everyday duties, work and motherhood. Music is what matters to her. It’s what always did. Freedom is what matters to her. It’s what was taken from her. No social boundaries, sweet nothings and conformism. You want to live? Then live an independent life. Easy to say. She is sick and tired of behaving, being polite and nice, smiling to everybody, looking at this damn half full glass. She spends nights on the balcony, smoking cigarettes,, listening her favourite 80s bands. Rock bands.

2 a.m, night is dark, she’s drinking coffee. She stopped counting which cup it is. She does not care. Insomnia is what she suffers from. Breathing dirty air in the city she hates she started daydreaming (“Insomnia please release me”) how full of passion her life used to be those days. She was young, she was a bad girl. She was reckless. She was relentless

Everything was so easy, no troubles on the horizon, no thinking about the future ’cause there was no future. She liked it. Elegant yet rough. A rebel. A music lover. It’s all over her. Cigarette burns, thoughts running through her head, annoying yet pleasant at the same time. What’s happened to her? She’s afraid of her reflection in the mirror. So she does not have any. Living on cigarettes and booze. That’s right. That’s something reminding her of the past days.

Dances on the desert, floating over sands? Delirium dreams or consciousness? Reckless life. Yeah. No advice? Yeah. Oh how close Axl’s verses were to her. She had herself and it was enough.

Dresses and skirts – her second skin. Glam make up. Appetite for life. Wandering narrow streets. Dating punks. She knows it’s never coming back. What a beautiful life it was. Raw and simple. She will never roam those suspicious, dark backstreets only to meet fellows like herself, again.

Sitting on the edge of the world? Who sang that? That is how she feels now. She felt like a dragonfly those days – beautiful and predatory at the same time, attracting guys, chewing them up and leaving behind. Lots of gigs, leather jackets, black skirts, partying with the hinky company. “Pure raw wild, honey child I’m out of control” – who remembers this? Now she is the one howling for the past in nooks of her head, being fuddled by thoughts and memories knocking on thousands of doors leading to just one place – her consciousness. Knock. Knock. Wake up. “Welcome to the desert of the real”. She lives normal life but she used to have reckless one.

Editorial shot by Rafal Moskalewski and Blazej Zalesinski – two photographers based in Poznan, Poland, inspired by music of their youth, time where MTV played music, not reality shows. Life used to be simpler back then. Songs were written mostly by one author and not by ten and songs meant something. It was time, when rock music was important to so many young people. Rock meant style not only in music, but also in street fashion.