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Fashion Editorial: RANI

Fashion Editorial: RANI


The Anatomy of a Fashion Photoshoot

Every fashion shoot is meticulously planned so that when it comes time to actually execute it, it goes off without a hitch. From a creative team to the location – everything has to be perfect to make the end result priceless. We had a location in mind – a little boutique in Long Island, an extremely versatile model I’d worked with before, a hair stylist, a makeup artist, and me – the photographer.

After creating an inspiration board to guide myself through the process, I woke up early that morning to go over the details. I brewed a cup of coffee, got dressed, and made sure that all of my camera gear was ready to go. I sat down in front of my computer and pulled up the inspiration board to see what kind of timeline we would be working with. About an hour before the shoot, I finished my morning process and got ready to leave.

The model met me at my apartment and we travelled to the location together. A hidden jewel of a boutique on the main strip in Hicksville. From the surrounding stores, you can’t see the masterpieces that are waiting indoors. Once inside, we walked into a room filled with beautiful fabrics and jewels. On one side, the hair & make up artist, Aarushi Jain, was setting up her equipment.

In such a small space, we needed to be really cognizant of the surroundings. While in hair and makeup, I began to move items around, I’d move the chairs to the side of the room, tables needed to go as well, a few jewelry displays, etc. Once everything was where I wanted it, I sat down and watched the hair and makeup artist make our model, Laura Mallon, look perfect.

Once she was ready, we began to set up the shots. We had three main locations chosen, two at the front of the store and one toward the back. The most nerve wracking thing about the shoot itself was that we were under a time-crunch. The boutique would open to the public by 11am and we had to be finished and have everything back in its original space by then.

In between each location, we would break to change outfits touch up makeup and fix stray hairs. It was one of the most flawlessly accomplished photo shoots I’ve ever done. Aarushi Jain was so attentive to the model, her attention to detail really saved my time in post processing and made the images that much better. After two hours of shooting, we had to rap in order to get the boutique back into working order. The model and I thank the boutique owner and our awesome hair and makeup, Aarushi, and head out. Once Laura leaves to head home, I begin the editing process – and the rest is history.

As a fashion photographer, I love being able to do collaborative shoots like this. It is really hard to come by other creatives that you mesh well with in the same area. The wonderful thing about this shoot was that we all live within ten minutes of each other. Aarushi and I live even closer, and the boutique is such a perfect spot so close to home. It was such a pleasure being able to collaborate with two beautiful women who have similar creative aesthetics. Working with people you’ve never met before is always a challenge but when your styles and personalities are so similar, the end result is bound to be a beautiful collaboration between artists.

Hair/Makeup and styling is such an important part of fashion shoots that when you’ve never met the person who will be doing those thing, it becomes a little intimidating. Luckily for us, we all meshed extremely well and had the confidence to create this series of images.


Photographer – Meg Raiano (www.megraiano.com)
Model – Laura Mallon (www.lauramallon.com)
Hair & Makeup – Aarushi Jain (www.aarushimua.co)
All wardrobe by Rose Boutique USA (Hicksville, NY)
All dresses & jewelry – Kitty & Kiran Jain of Rose Boutique USA in Hicksville NY

Rose Boutique USA is the perfect combination of Indian bridal and fashion wear, making every woman feel beautiful every day.