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Fashion Editorial: Polarity

Fashion Editorial: Polarity


We live in a world of Light. We are born into it – our cries as we exit the womb are cries of joy as we enter the world. In our childhood, we live as Light; shiny, new and full of energy. We spend our time playing in the sun, feeding off of its light, it’s heat, it’s energy. We are, each of us, the unending hope of a better tomorrow, of a world filled with Light. Still, in each of us, the Darkness has already begun to show.

A broken arm from falling out of a tree. The death of a pet. The death of a family member. Before any of us are ready, the endless Darkness begins to envelop our hopeful Light. Our mortality becomes apparent; the concept of death seeps into our minds, and once it has found its way in, it does not leave us – the Darkness will not let it. We are trapped knowing with each breath we take, we come closer to our last. We understand that which other creatures on this Earth do not – our time on this planet is numbered, and every choice we make brings us closer to our final day.

Still, our Light is strong. Strong enough to push the Darkness to the back of our minds. We find joy in the everyday. We cherish our friends. We love our families. We bask in our Light and in the Light of others. She fights against the Darkness, she gives us hope in dire times, she pushes us forward when we want only to give up. It is Light that gets us out of bed when we are at our lowest. It is Light that reminds us why we try every day to make the world a little better.

The Darkness makes itself seen around our eyes first – the blackness of sleepless nights and stressful days feed the Darkness, giving it power. As we grow older, the Darkness begins to overtake the Light. Our hair loses its color, as do our cheeks. Our skin comes next, becoming paler as our Light fades. And even though the Darkness can only hurt us, we are, at times, attracted to it. There can be solace found within sadness. There is a comfort that comes from crying.

It is an unending battle between that which gives us life, and that which courts death. Neither side will win, and neither side will cede power. It is a struggle that began the moment Light exploded into the Darkness, filling the universe with stars and planets. Once a war of stars and space, the struggle of Light and Darkness now resides inside each of us. We push the world forward step by step, each of us facing our own sisyphean task of fighting against the Darkness. We fight because we want a world of Light, though we know it is an impossible goal. We doubt our abilities, we question our choices, and we regret moments of our past, but we still know, deep within our hearts, where the Light lives, that as long as we do not give up, we are stronger than the Darkness. Every day that we try, every time we spread our love, we share our Light.

It is the endless battle between Light and Darkness that inspired our team. We hoped to capture the shining beauty that can be found in life, and the somber grace of death by contrasting the elegance of our models, the dresses of our designer, the work of our makeup artist, and the skills of our photographer.


Photographer: Cass Michael
Models: Haley Hancock and Kara Lynn Michelotti
MUA – Haylee Detroit Rose-Dewar
Hair – Chloe Sweet
Dresses – BGR Designs
Author/Writer: Derek Faraci