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Fashion Editorial: Chanel Beauty

Fashion Editorial: Chanel Beauty



  • Photographer: Dewa Ariadi www.dewaariadi.com
  • Model: Olivia Harriet Smith
  • Stylist: Dawn Frogson@ Curio Junction

“Dewa Ariadi is a 35 years old photographer born and raised in Bali. After studying in Bali he came to the Uk to work as a car sprayer but has only taken to photography since he found a camera sitting around his staff canteen in 2013 from this eureka moment he has discover he has natural talent. Since then he experimented with different camera formats, trying to capture the moment without manipulate in its raw and true state avoiding the studio cliché and taking to the streets using the resources of nature and our urban backdrops. His main subject has started as street style mainly balancing natural light and shooting in his own unconfirmed and naturally talented way, as he finds himself using natural looking, barely or non-photo-shopped results letting the camera capture be the result not a false impression, The reality of growing up in Bali has given him a natural eye to find the strength of the shot the color and the form, the natural beauty and culture of Bali gives him a different approach to the conformed Western photographer, he searches for the natural beauty and strength in a shot rather than how it can be corrected, allowing his shots to jolt reality as you turn the page.

Dewa has been taking more and more fashion and editorial commissions since September 2014 with fabulous results being noticed worldwide. Working with Vintage and designer clothes he has found a natural calling he call his own team of collaborators who have all naturally grown alongside him and now he is inundated daily with models wanting to shoot with him, but he still works full time spraying vehicles so he has to cherry pick carefully, but hopefully one day he will leave the spray gun and be able to shoot fashion editorial photography, full time.

Over the last year he has been working and connected to the rebranding Of a Vintage and designer store Curio Junction owned by stylist and designer Dawn Frogson collaborations between the two have been successful and the imagery has been Published by Vogue international many times alongside Dark Beauty and Luxury magazines. Dawn has asked Dewa to create and he always delivers with colur and form beautiful and striking results. At the moment they are working with Edwardian and Victorian costumes that are being redesigned and printed @ Curio Junction and Dewa has captured them in a most beautiful and powerful way.

After discussing this project, Dewa Dawn agreed on a ocean city mood board to promote Curio Junction the shoot was based in Plymouth so we used all its natural resources the beach, the sea, the inner city and the shop interior and exterior. The for which Dewa found Italian model Olivia Harriet Smith to be suitable. Her delicate body and striking face easily embody the look of a strong and urban rock chic who knew what she wanted and how to get it wearing what the hell she wanted Chanel clashing against old school vintage showing fashion is what you want it to be start the trends don’t follow. Dewa worked with what Plymouth naturally gave him the beach, the back streets and the shop, which framed their story and showcase Curio Junction, and its products as the brief asked.

To take care of hair and make-up Olivia Harriet Smith took care of her own. With fabulous results as a professional Numa Models international model she is amazing an amazing MUA in her own right.


  • Shot 1 – Vintage Aquascutum Shower mac & Vivienne Westwood pirate boots in chestnut.
  • Shot 2 – Bohemian devore Kimono.
  • Shot 3 – Art Deco fresh water coral matrimonial necklace.
  • Shot 4 – Emerald Devore Bohemian kimono.
  • Shot 5 – Electric Pink beaded devore kimono
  • Shot 6 – Vintage Bowler Hat, art deco piano shawl, coal necklace with matching bracelet, 1934 Fair ground horse boots models own.
  • Shot 7 – Vintage tuxedo jacket, Chanel cuff bracelet.
  • Shot 8 – All saints’ dress Dior Vintage Runway earings.
  • Shot 9 – 19.20’s sheer flapper girl dress. Art deco ostrich feather and mod showgirl fan and vintage wide brim hat.
  • Shot 10 – Vintage lurex Chanel all available at Curio Junction.