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Fashion Editorial: ALL AROUND PARIS

Fashion Editorial: ALL AROUND PARIS


Being originally from France, I realized how beautiful that country was once I left it to go study and work in the US. That’s why I wanted to create a shoot that shows Paris, and its amazing city. In fact, there is nowhere else in the world where you can find such architecture, and ambiance. Being away from this city definitely made me realize all of that. When I got the opportunity to go back for a few days, I had to plan a shoot that describes life in a European capital.

I first got in contact with Michael Vasseur, stylist, who I found on social medias. He was so excited about the concept of the shoot and generous to help me find clothes from all around the world. Indeed, we got amazing pieces from a Los Angeles brand “The Coverii”, but also jewelry from “Choked by Chanel” in New York, and from “Future Dawn Designs” based in San Francisco. After having a full mood board ready and clothes, I wanted to find the perfect model to represent the concept “ALL AROUND PARIS”, and Kristin Hollis (from Maggie Agency in Boston) was that person! We automatically connected and we were all excited to make this project come to life.

Being all established in the US more than in France, it was hard for us to find a makeup artist and hairstylist. That’s why we decided to just go for it without them. Shooting call time was early in the morning in the beginning of October, and that is when the magic started to happen. When we got to the first location “Place Concorde”, we already had everything prepared with the blueprint that Michael did, and Kristin was makeup/hair ready to shoot!

I wanted to create the feeling that Paris is a big city, people are running everywhere, and that you can’t stop, you have to keep moving no matter what. By shooting in different spots helped me achieve this idea, insofar as it shows that you are always at a different place. You wake up, get ready, take the metro, go to your first meeting of the day, then run to the metro again, go to another meeting, and so on. In addition, I love the movement in fashion photography; it makes the model look stronger and decisive in my opinion, but also fits the concept of being everywhere.

I couldn’t have done this shoot in another city than Paris. The detailed architecture, streets, parks make the background of the photos more sophisticated. It adds on to the chic of Kristin. After all, that is what Paris is known for. We shot 6 outfits in about 3 hours, running from one spot to another, and it worked so well because we had such an amazing team. Michael was getting the next outfit ready, while I ran shooting at the metro exit with Kristin. All the clothes we got were amazing and adding jewelry by “Choked by Chanel” and “Future Dawn Designs” made the overall look stand out.

I was very satisfied with the results of this shoot and so proud of my team. That was like we brought a US team to shoot abroad: a model from Boston, a stylist from Denver, a photographer from Los Angeles, brands from LA, NY and San Francisco, all together shooting in Paris. This is what I love about shooting because we get to meet people from everywhere and create some magic for about 3 hours and then have amazing shots to reveal to the world. We are all passionate young people and we hope you enjoy this editorial.


Creative Director/Photographer: Dylan Perlot
Female Model: Kristin Hollis @Maggie Agency
Wardrobe Stylist: Michael Vasseur