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Fashion Editorial: Ondine

Fashion Editorial: Ondine


Photographer: GONÇALO M. CATARINO // gmcphoto.net
Make-up & hair: ANI TOLEDO

This editorial was inspired by the myth of Ondine a water nymph who had an unfaithful mortal lover. Bewildered by the nymph’s beauty, he swore to her that his every waking breath would be a testimony of his love, but after witnessing his adultery, Ondine cursed him that if he should fall asleep, he would forget to breathe. Eventually, he fell asleep from sheer exhaustion, and his breathing stopped. For the editorial this myth was the starting point, from which I then decided to focus mainly on the nymph’s beauty, hoping that the photos would be praise to it. The first step was to choose a model that would have this ethereal beauty, which I found in Yana (represented by L’Agence). I believe Yana not only has this ethereal and natural beauty, but she could also bring a touch of drama in her expression if needed.

The location would also have a very important role, as I needed to incorporate not only the sea but also the harshness of the rocks. I then chose this spot in Guincho, outside of Lisbon (Portugal). It’s a place along the coast side, with a wild and natural beauty, full of rocks carved by the sea and wind.

Last but certainly not the least, my team of styling, make-up & hair. Raquel C. Macias, the stylist, truly understood the concept and got us these beautiful and elegant garments and accessories from Cores de Perdição, Bazaar à Porter and from the Portuguese designer Pedro Neto, that brought the fashion feeling to this ancestral myth and story that I wanted to shoot.

As stated before, I wanted to portrait the beauty of Ondine, so we decided to go for an entire white set of clothes that would give the model a graceful look but that would also have this flowing feeling that could be shaped by the wind, which I knew we would certainly have at Guincho.  And then Ani Toledo, our make-up artist who also did the hair. She went for a soft make-up that helped to highlight all Yana’s natural beauty, which was also adorned with little details referring to water elements. As for the hair, we started with a more natural and wild look, letting the hair loose with the wind and then decided to move to a more elegant hair do that would also match some of the most stylish garments we had.

We started with the more natural looks and poses and then started evolving a little bit according to her story, going through some more intense and dramatic expressions and finishing with a strong, sort of revengeful look. In the end I believe the whole team work provided us the results we were looking for, which was to portrait this Ondine’s beauty, while keeping a fashion mood in it. Hope you enjoy it as well!

Look 1 – Tunic & skirt: Sahoco by Cores de Perdição, Earrings: Zara
Look 2 – Swimsuit: My World Of Rags, Blazer: Zarae, Earrings and sandals: Zara
Look 3 and 4 – Set: Sahoco by Cores de Perdição, Accessories: RCM Stylist
Look 5 and 7 – Dress: Sahoco by Cores de Perdição, Rings: RCM Stylist, Bracelet: Zara
Look 6 – Dress: G.sel by Cores de Perdição, Accessories: RCM Stylist
Look 8 – Dress: Bazaar à Porter, Shoes: Zara, Bracelet: Elisabetta Franchi
Look 9 – Playsuit: Bazaar à Porter, Rings: RCM Stylist, Bracelet: Parfois
Look 10 – Top and skirt: Pedro Neto, Bracelet: Hyndia, Rings: RCM Stylist, Necklace and sandals: Zara