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Fashion Editorial – NYMPHE

Fashion Editorial – NYMPHE


Photographer: Davide di Padova
Styling: Gianluca Cococcia
Model: Beatrice Bianchi
Make-Up & Hair: CG-makeup
Assistant: Carmela Parisi
Supporter Accademia Koefia

A Dream of a femininity that is lost somewhere in the memory of the crowd: the Nymph is showing her gracefulness like a holy apparition, honoring the great elegance of an imaginary and nostalgic past.

Pure and mild she wanders through the columns of her natural temple, allowing the lens of a camera to capture her deepest essence, the charm of her soul, the graces of her beauty. Art always built its Muses looking up to the past to take back the beauty manners of itself, to imitating or to twist them; aesthetics against morality, sacred against eroticism: the female characters become icons destined to immortality.

A portrait painted by the pale glimmer of a winter cold light alive with its dull colors into the melancholy memories consumed by time: beauty continually fades and rises again to change together with the fashion changes. It exceeds the passage of the time in a continuous search for ideals on which to draw new inspiring models.

Creatures of woods, rivers, and sky, the Nymphs embodied the wet dream of gods and humans; they are the indomitable desires for any gaze lost in the contour of their body: sensuality and elegance come together and hug each other as in a dance to give charm to viewers.

A detached sensuality made by long and precious dresses painted with the colors of Nature: the clear blue water of streams, the velvet vermilion of the juiciest fruits, the blue of the sky that kisses the green of the fields, the black of the night interwoven with the gold of the stars. The purity of the creation inspires the Haute Couture that, with its embroideries, it honors the silent majesty of an unexplored nature, worthy of respect for its intrinsic perfection.

As an ancient statue that comes back to life, the Nymph wanders among the woods putting her light hands and her intimate look on the plants in order to build the holy house that will defend her ethereal beauty. Among the woods, the wind carries the body and it rests into the glade blending among the trees that, as brothers, preserve and protect the most fragile of the creatures.

Hunting, fishing, music and poetry: the arts and the crafts rely on her to let direct towards the best purposes. The Myth of the Nymph does not remain tied to stories and legends of the past but, carried by the echo of the time, still, lives in the works of any artist entrusts their talents to the mythological daughters which give beauty to the world.