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Fashion Editorial – The Night

Fashion Editorial – The Night



Photographer: Andrea Galassi
Designer/Fashion Designer: Denise Mahmud / Moixa
Makeup artist: Vivien Szabo
Model: Daniela Caruso
Location: London

The history of this editorial is based on the light of the city of London. We have done the photo shoot at the center of the city, neighborhoods near Piccadilly Circus and China Town, playing on contrasts of dresses and colored lights. The shooting took place on an October evening, it was cold but the London weather has also allowed us to do a great service with a good result.

The fashion designer has pulled out of the extravagant look, with very bright colors with glitter accessories for shoes, associated with a nude makeup and do not over-processed hair. You do not want to miss the shots also a very special place, the China town area made a shocking contrast. The model, especially coming from ‘Italy has tried to interpret the most of the shots with poses very fashion. The risoltato saw from the photos, a very cool and different from the usual result. As a brand has been used a mono-brand Moixa sewed clothing from fashion designer Denise Mahmud, who works for high fashion in London. It has varied with the style, some outfits consist of trousers, top, and jacket to a beautiful and large dress circle at the bottom with a sheer lace top over a beautiful green color of a crayon.

The green color is an intense, warm and mellow, and if coordinated at best, can also be very stylish. But you do not even want to forget the burgundy pants, color is very fashionable this’ fall with a nice part alone palace matched by a particular aparta shirt in front and long in the back, very sensual and different from the usual, we know that At parades autumn winter 2016-2017 back in fashion primary colors red, yellow, green and blue, and equipped with a beautiful high desolate blue, beautiful play of colors.