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Fashion Editorial: Natalie Schönberger

Fashion Editorial: Natalie Schönberger


Photographer Hartmut Nörenberg and Poledance-Princess Natalie Schönberger first met on the german Echo-Awards 2012 in Berlin. Where Hartmut fell in love with her beautiful face and her majestic attitude. He invited her for the second time in 2016 to his Studio which is based in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany). It was a three-day collaboration to produce six completely different editorial sets. On the third day, they planned to create three different sets with costumes from Designer Fairytas and Royal Black Couture and Corsetry“. For this special day, they got help from Hartmut longtime friend Ines Wigger, who is a professional hair and make-up artist from Düsseldorf. Ines already worked for a lot of TV productions and also has the ability to produce special effects make-up and airbrushed bodypaintings.

Hartmut has many experiences in producing fashion- and fantasy sets at his Studio.In his first set, the white Swan Dress, he wanted to show the models two-faced charm wich is elegant and fragile at the same time. Natalie showed slow tempting seductive moves which remembered Hartmut at Natalie’s wonderful expressive dancing performances. After attaching the winged crown, the impression of a moving swan princess got more and more apparent. Natalie got a little bit exhausted, wearing the heavy dress. The corset was tight-laced so she had to put a lot of energy in her motions.

After a little break, it was time to show another part of Natalie, which was stronger and tougher. As a professional dance performer, Natalie has to spend a lot of time practicing her performances to bring perfection in it. Since their first encounter, Hartmut always had this strong young lady in his mind who never stops improving herself and who will never be satisfied with a non-perfect result. The dress from Royal Black accentuates the harsh female side with its very tight corset showing the models curves.It also has a unique ornated design element which makes her shoulders appear wider and stronger. Ines made Natalie’s hair much more voluminous and more prominent to make it an eye-catcher and to focus the viewer on Natalie’s head and expressions.

For the last set, Ines brought her special effects equipment and she had prepared a lot of ornamented latex design elements in advance of the shooting. Natalie had to be completely restyled. It took some time to attach the latex pieces on Natalie’s body because she should be able to move her arms and shoulders without risking the latex to crack and expose her body. Ines decided to use her airbrush equipment for giving Natalie’s skin a more goldish tone and also smooth out the transition between the latex and the natural skin. A huge amount of Pizza and salads later the latex finished drying.

At first, Natalie was skeptical if she would be able to move her arms and to pose without restrictions. After some moves, she realized that Ines did a perfect job and the latex was fitting her like her second skin. Hartmut was very happy about the combination of the smooth latex and the airbrush makeup because the texture of her skin was refined trough the tiny color pigments which were sprayed on the skin and the latex. Due to that the Latex lost the clean reflection and appeared more like real skin. After finishing the last set, Natalie had a lot of fun ripping off her second skin from her chest. She started screaming.

Image Post-Production and Retouching has been done by Hartmut Agency Retouch.One which has worked on a lot of beauty- and fashion-editorial projects in the last years. Hartmut and Natalie are very happy with the results of their collaboration boosting their ongoing friendship. They are looking for a new collaboration in 2017, producing some editorial-sets.


Photographer: Hartmut Nörenberg
Model: Natalie Schönberger
Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Body Painter: Ins Wigger
Fashion Designer: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry
Costume Designer: Fairytas