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Fashion Editorial: Moulin Rouge

Fashion Editorial: Moulin Rouge



Photography: Mike Mor http://www.mikemorttl.com/
Model: Polina Strogaya for Yuli Models https://www.instagram.com/strogayapolina/
Styling: Avital Shelef https://www.facebook.com/avital.shelef
Production Assistant: Eti Shelef
Makeup Artist: Dganit Shamay https://www.facebook.com/dganitshamay
Hair: Yana for Dganit Shamay
Location: Poa,
Flee Market

Inspired by Courtesan, who used to be artist entertainers hosts and hookers that were quite common at the 16th century among Europe high class, most were mistresses of strong men with high influence. These men suggested luxury and high social status in a return to their company. An example to Courtesan is Madam Pompidou, the mistress of Loui the 15th, the king of France.

Courtesan usually had high intellectual and social levels. Lower level Courtesan, moved from man to man. The ones I decided to focus on were the high level Courtesan who were high classed and still decided to become a Courtesan. I chose the theatre entertainer at the Parisian cabaret Moulin Rose, a woman liberated from the burden of cloths, the corset dresses and the weight of the heavy layers.

Moulin Rose the musical (2001) had few releases. The most appreciated one, with the highest exposures included Nicole Kidman as the lead star, At the 74th Academy Awards, the film was nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Nicole Kidman, winning two: for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design. It was the first musical nominated for Best Picture in 10 years and is also considered to be the best musical of all times.

The idea behind the fashion production is based on a sophisticated woman, entertainer and actress that is dressed as a cabaret dancer and actress. Minimal layers of fabric, and minimalist kimono with laces, jewelry, diamonds and crystals. Soft leotard and corsets that shed lite and imply on woman that is liberated of the burden of the heavy and tight dressing of the 14th century courtesans. Cloths and accessories of a self-confident woman that is confident with her body and status without any burden or dependency on men, a woman that is well aware of her acting talent as a leading star at the cabaret.

In This production I chose cloths that looks rich with laces and fares, lots of crystals throw us to the France cabaret and the musical which was rich with diamonds inspired by the France cabaret Moulin Rose. The chosen location is a restaurant with dark bar and a private room. We tried to look for a location that suggests bordello, the restaurant atmosphere included vintage design.

It is located in the flea market in crowded Tel Aviv. The market plays the role of the audience in a show. The restaurant, the bar and the private room stands for the cabaret back stage. Some pictures and frames emphasis the dressed up liberated woman who goes out to the hang out places, keeps the richness of the cloths and her appearance includes fares, crystals as well as a mask and cloths that are reach with laces and leotards as well as Payette shoes and crystals that complete the look. You will never find nowadays courtesan without a jewelry that will complete her fancy look saturated with jewelry.

In terms of photography, we tried to always show her as the center of attention in the frame. Even if sometimes she seems distant, or aloof, she is always in the center of attention of the frame. Shots were usually from below the model, making her bigger and stronger then she seems, and in long frames, she is positioned to be a big part of the image, thus making her seem to be more important. The makeup was chosen carefully, the luscious red lips and heavy stage makeup. The model was chosen due to her European look, she has pure innocent beauty but still, can transfer the darkness and the lewdness of Moulin Rose cabaret.

LOOK1: Black Overall: FOREVER 21, Ring bracelet: Keren Volf, bag: Aldo
LOOK3: Top: Kala, FACE MASK : HANDMADE KEREN WOLF, Panties: H&M, Body suit: Jack Kuba
LOOK4: Body suite + pants: ETAM, White fur vest: FOREVER 21, Pearl necklace : Aldo, Shoes : KALA, Panties: H&M
LOOK5: Overall & black fur vest: FOREVER 21, Ring bracelet: Keren Volf
LOOK6: Dress: FOREVER 21, Hat & Hair accessories: Keren Volf, Shoes: Aldo
LOOK7: Dress & Vest : FOREVER 21, Bracelet : Keren Volf, Hair accessories: Keren Volf
LOOK8, 9: Top & Kimono: FOREVER 21, Body suite: ETAM, Collar: Keren Volf, Shoes: Emanuel