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Fashion Editorial – MORPHINA

Fashion Editorial – MORPHINA


Photographer: Neculai Dan Ciprian
Hair Stylist: Stoian Liliana
Fashion Designer: Mihai Popa
Makeup Artist: Alina Dragan
Model: Anca Nicoleta Călugaru @iele Models
Location: Gazetto Cafe

Morphine, the debut collection, is named after the Greek God of dreams, Morpheus. Born spontaneously, out of pure passion and love for beauty, it is suitable for various occasions and it is addressed, primarily, to less conventional women, who do not accept any rules and limits. The collection “Morphine”, like a summer dream, complies with several essential values: lightness and comfort carefully selected high-quality materials and styles. The design and handmade applications give a special flavor, designed to complement women’s personality: powerful but also feminine.

In fact, each item in this collection is designed to say a unique story with the help of color, texture and material cut. Morphine only contains 7 pieces that are meant to be a visual summary of the following collections. Thus, taken apart, may seem like a disorganized collection that does not comply with the same style linearity but taken together the collection has a mission to complete a certain type of personality. Starting with the simplicity, beauty, and luxury of the last century, marked by specific elements (feathers, pearls, fur collar carefully crochet, painting textbooks), the collection is gradual, by cut and length diversification, a slight shift to today’s sexy and independent woman, who is ready at any time to accept new challenges.

Finally, the rebellious spirit and contagious energy of childhood come to surface through the clothing line with edgy and hippie influences, using sticker applications and disorderly movement cuts that allow women to feel cheerful and determined.