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Fashion Editorial: METALLIC DREAMS

Fashion Editorial: METALLIC DREAMS


Marina Ilinova’s collection of evening dresses, “Souvenirs of the Future”, is a fusion of baroque and futuristic styles. The symmetry of decoration, velvet and satin, represents the baroque style, while the lines, forms and the creation process itself, are a reflection of the futuristic style. Each piece is unique and all details are hand crafted. This collection is aimed at an elegant and sophisticated woman who is able to combine classical and modern styles.

This editorial, was a project thought to combine the futuristic baroque style of Ilinova’s collection with an affine mood environment, one of futuristic fantasy, provided by a backdrop made of shiny tinplate and mixed light photography. In this photographic technique color beams of continuous light mix with white light flash for a long exposition creating phantasmagoric color shapes that surround the perfectly frozen model. The baroque Designs of Ilinova stand out in a metallic world of oneiric color lights within an aesthetic fantasy that triggers our feelings of sensitivity to mystery and beauty.

Hairdressing creation by talented Miguel García, owner of hair saloon “La Niña Bonita”, and Noemi Hernández emphasizes the intensity of model’s expressiveness when transmitting the strength of the message of contrast inside harmony.

Makeup Artist Tania Fonseca, uses black color to mark main features of the model in a resounding way and silver color for shadows to make a combination that matches dark colors of Ilinova’s collection and metallic background strengthening the marked character of the specific look of this images.

Helena Krol and Alex Sebastian are a creative duo of professional photographers based in Gijon, Spain. Their work covers commercial, fashion, editorial, social, and stock photography, having been internationally published several times in the last years.

Marina Ilinova is a fashion designer, who lives and works in the north of Spain. She was born in a small town in Kyrgyzstan, and her effort and passion on the creation process were the main ingredients to change the dream of a child into reality.

Marina designed and sewed her first dress when she was 12 years old, and continued developing her designing and other fashion technical skills in the Bishkek Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. During the years in the University she worked for some Russian companies participating on different stages of the fashion design process. Marina decided to move to Spain after her graduation. When she arrived to Spain she had the opportunity to work for a some Spanish companies, and after some period of time she changed to make her own collections. She is working since 2012 as independent designer. Her passion for handcraft, embroidered designs and painted details place her dresses and pieces somewhere between fashion and art. Currently she works creating her own style that will be based in ethnic inspiration, natural fabrics and handcrafted details.

Miguel García is a hairdresser in north Spain that has been published in important media of the sector like magazine Coiffure Professionnelle or Hair’s How, he keeps active giving creative hairdressing workshops in Spain and owns the hair saloon “La Niña Bonita” located in Gijón. Noemi Hernández is a skilled and talented hairdresser from Madrid based in Gijón that often collaborates with Miguel for the creative and editorial projects. Tania Fonseca is a Make Up Artist based in Gijón trained at the Aida Carballo Make Up Studio, one of the more active and renowned of north Spain, who has worked at several fashion weeks as part of the official make up team. Currently she works for Benefit Cosmetics.

Laura María Álvarez is an experienced model based in Oviedo, north Spain, that has paraded in multiple important catwalks like Cibeles Off at Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week, and worked for several fashion designers in Spain.


Art direction, Photography and Post production – Helena Krol & Alex Sebastian.
Designer – Marina Ilinova, collection “Souvenirs of the Future”.
Hairdressing – Miguel García & Noemi Hernández (La Niña Bonita).
Make Up Artist – Tania Fonseca.
Model – Laura María Álvarez.

Websites www.helenakrol.com and www.alex-sebastian.com
More info at https://www.facebook.com/LaNinaBonita984042768